UFO Conjectures

Friday, April 18, 2014

The UFO Fixation(s)

With the resurgence in Freudian psychology and the resurrection of Freud as one of the great thinkers [Discover magazine, April 2014, Kat McGowan, Page 54 ff.] one can reassert the idea that “ufologists” or UFO mavens have a fixation not unlike that listed by Wikipedia for the poet, Lord Alfred Tennyson:

Tennyson has been claimed to have a "romantic fixation...'a psychic fixation upon the days that are no more'."

In the UFO universe or community, resides those who are fixated upon flying saucers or UFOs nostalgically, as a psychic interest from their youth. (CDA and I might be in that group.)

Others are fixated on UFOs because they created a mechanism of notice or moderate fame at one time. (Kevin Randle and Jerry Clark fall into that category.)

Some fixate on UFOs because it gives them grist for attention that they normally wouldn’t receive. (David Rudiak and Lance Moody fit here.)

Some fixate on UFOs because they are semi-psychotic and the phenomenon attracts them because it too is psychotic (in nature).

A few fixate on UFOs because it is a real mystery for them, a curiosity that needs to be addressed. (Nick Redfern.)

And a certain few see UFOs as an entrée to some kind of fame that has eluded them in other arenas of life. 

Then there are subsets of fixation: Roswell, Socorro (my addiction), the Hill episode, supposed alien abductions, and alleged alien astronauts, to name a few.

But what it comes down to, no matter how UFOs are addressed, the topic and phenomenon attracts those who have fixations of various kinds, sublimated or repressed.

It’s a neurotic problem and sometimes a psychotic problem. But no matter what, it is an abnormality that is often ignored as such or set aside with a pretense of seeking an answer to something monumental in lieu of dealing with real problems and existential proclivities.