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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Roswell, Lincoln LaPaz, and Green Fireballs

The LIFE magazine article, Have We Visitors From Space? [1952] had this (according to Wikipedia):

The article also described LaPaz's UFO sighting near Roswell, New Mexico, on July 10, 1947, about the same time as the famous Roswell UFO incident. LaPaz, however, remained anonymous. Also described was a 1949 UFO sighting by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of Pluto (Life magazine article).

That LaPaz UFO sighting wasn’t of a green fireball, but an unidentified thing in the sky.

However, almost two years later we have this [Wikipedia is the source]:

On January 30 the brightest and most widely seen green fireball sighting occurred near Roswell, New Mexico. The next day, the FBI was informed by Army and Air Force intelligence that flying saucers and the fireballs were classified top secret. LaPaz interviewed hundreds of witnesses, with help from the FBI and military intelligence, and again tried to recover fragments by triangulating a trajectory, but was again unsuccessful.

Again, I conjecture – was the Green Fireball epidemic of 1949 (and subsequent years into the early 1950s) part of a reconnaissance of the New Mexico area whose purpose was to locate a downed flying disk (and its crew – an evolved living, mobile, intelligent plant crew?) – the Roswell incident?

The farfetchery of my “thesis” can be easily dismissed, but what if we could reverse-calculate, using a speed-of-light constant, to locate a possible area of space from which such a spate of probes might originate?

(Either the probes came from outer space or another dimension or parallel universe, the non-space venues making the matter problematical of course.)

I think it was Don, making a comment at Kevin Randle’s blog, that it seems unlikely a space-traveling culture or civilization would be unfamiliar with lightning, the atmospheric phenomenon thought to have brought down the Roswell “saucer.”

But that’s a specious observation. Another planet (or moon) may not have lightning such as that which occurs on Earth. A dry, unstormy planet would be devoid of weather such as we experience here on Earth, thus precluding any knowledge of such a phenomenon as lightning.

Visitors from such an unweathering planet would have no way of countering the vicissitudes of Earth’s weather and could have experienced a disaster such as is predicated by Roswellians.

Our friend Bruce Duensing thinks that the Green Fireballs were an atmospheric phenomenon and elaborately supported his view with commentary.

But if that were the case, why has there been no plentitude recurring of such sightings?

Yes, Anthony Bragalia and the internet provide other Green Meteor or Fireball sightings, extant or relatively current, but those sightings have nowhere the number that occurred for the short period of 1949-1952 (or so).

The Green Fireball events, that consumed astronomer LaPaz and the United States military were unique, and connected to the Roswell incident, perhaps, or something else, one might argue, pertinent to the period, such as the Atomic testings of the time, although no fireballs were prevalent for the atomic testings of the late 950s or those in the South Pacific regions where testings took place.

No, the Green Fireball sightings are connected to Roswell, and the “incident” that happened there in July 1947.

That the fireballs appeared in 1949 and for a while after that provide clues to the whereabouts of the flying saucer/UFO source: Titan, Europa, Callisto, Ganymede, or some farther flung planet in the galaxy?

(The two year time lag obviates a need to look too far away in the Galaxy. The source is closer than one might think.)


Watch The Universe form!

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I'm still a Hoyle Steady State believer, which is passe as hell I know but more sensible, to me, than a universe beginning from a dot, ex nihilo.