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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yes, there may be alien life out there but is it flying UFOs?


The elusiveness of an MJ-12-like group

Nick Redfern’s hypothetical thesis about a possible UFO cabal that hasn’t been able to unravel the UFO mystery or what they allegedly discovered or obtained from Roswell in 1947 strikes a nerve with many UFO aficionados.


Because there is an underlying, subliminal perception that there have always been cabals or secret agencies at work in society.

This was true when it came to the assassination of Julius Caesar and the machinations to nail Jesus/Christ to the cross.

It’s a mainstay of historical events, too many to name here but a plethora of books have delineated such secret groups, from the Illuminati to the contemporary Bilderberg Group.

MJ-12, a hoax construct, resonates with UFO mavens because it has the plausibility of fact.

That a cabal killed President John Kennedy is believable for a number of reasons even though no substantial evidence for such a cabal has been found, not for a lack of trying by JFK assassination buffs.

And that a secret Battelle science group, The Stork Project, established to ferret out truths about the Roswell still exists intrigues but little is known about what it’s down and is doing in 2014.

A UFO study group, composed of military people, scientists, government personnel (from the CIA, NASA, The NSA, and other government agencies) is not unimaginable, and actually makes sense.

Why wouldn’t a group of select persons not be established to determine what UFOs are or were?

Does it belabor reality to think that Blue Book and other UFO investigational groups might continue to operate despite the official line that such groups have long been disbanded.

UFOs have a possibility that impacts society in a number of ways, all known to those who follow the UFO material outlining what would be affected if UFOs were determined to be real.

John Otto, a UFO investigator of the 1950s talked about a UFO “Silence Group” that supposedly suppressed information about an alleged alien or extraterrestrial communication transmitted on a WGN AM broadcast in 1954.

But if there is a Silence Group or an MJ-12 committee, why have UFO investigators not been able to uncover their operations?

Many of the other cabals or “secret” groups that perverted history by their devious machinations, during the French Revolution (The Terror) or in the events mentioned above, have been discovered by historians and writers looking to understand what really happened in key occurrences that affected human society.

Why not so when it comes to the JFK murder or UFOs?

Is it because those investigating the JFK matter or UFOs are tyros? That is, are those enamored of the topics or events not able to discern, forensically, the clues that would lead them to expose that’s going on, beneath the surface?

Or is it that the unraveling of the JFK killing or the UFO reality would undermine societal institutions so drastically that the reality has to be stifled or suppressed?

Or is there no secret UFO group extant? Or no JFK cabal at all?