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Friday, May 23, 2014

A methodology (or ruse) that UFO researchers might consider

A way to get at hidden UFO materials in the hands of the government?


What do you think?

Ryan Hart provided a (short) video that he'd like an explanation for:


Take a look and tell us what you think the video shows.


A UFO Technology?

The July 2014 Maximum PC issue’s column by Tom Halfhill [Fast Forward, Page 13] tells readers of a demonstration that Mr. Halfhill attended which I found to be interesting.

An engineering team (not disclosed from where) provided a look at a new microwave oven in which they had placed a whole fish embedded in an ice block.

The engineers “cooked” the fish without melting the block of ice it was in.

They took the fish out, chipped away the ice, and served the steaming/cooked fish to observers.

The underlying technology Mr. Halfhill tells readers is “radio beamforming” – shaping a radio signal for maximum efficiency, to cook a fish or to deliver radio frequencies to various communication devices.

If a military agency or alien (extraterrestrial) intruder employed such technology, it seems they could disrupt any operating system without destroying its surrounding environment.

Does this explain some UFO experiences/reports where a car or airplane is disabled but not ruined to the point of inoperability?

The “radio beamforming” would have to be nuanced, of course, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem, as the cooked fish demonstration showed.