UFO Conjectures

Sunday, May 25, 2014

UFOs: A Sign to be Something, to do Something

In the May 22, 2014 issue of The London Review of Books a passage in a review by Leland de la Durantaye of Peter Handke’s Essay on Jukeboxes [Page 33 ff.] there is this:

“In Soria the unnamed ‘he’ sees a strange light that seems ‘as though it were shining up from the earth’. It’s arresting enough to make him want ‘immediately’ to go off somewhere and write and write and write …”

This suggested to me a thesis that UFOs are mental and physical insertions for the observer prodding them to do something, to be something; that is, a proposal to go forth and be profound and humanly spectacular.

The source of the UFO is not important here.

The sensory push is the sine qua non of UFO sightings.

And the proddings are democratic in that they do not select the finest minds to make the suggestion to but, rather, are offered to the common man; the offer being a kind of evolutionary thrust of a seemingly simple kind.

Unfortunately, the offerer or source of the suggestion, from time immemorial and categorized by sightings in The Bible and ancient texts, and in the accumulated registry of Wonders in the Sky by Vallee/Aubeck (often cited here), has been, generally, flummoxed by modern observers, whereas the observers of the past took the hint and did things profound and/or spectacular. See Biblical episodes for example(s).

In the modern era, where existential angst has exhausted common humanity of profundity and spectacular thought or deeds, UFO sightings have been miscarriages of the enlightened hint.

Modern observers of UFOs have quailed at the sight of UFOs or flying saucers, seeing the enigmatic lights or ships as something material and otherworldly or too odd to cope with at an artistic or intelligent level.

Modern observers shirk the mystical aspect of UFOs, most common folk (all common folk?) having little or no insight to what reason they were born or what their purpose in life is or is meant to be.

The instigation of a mystical sign to people is something so foreign as to cause them what is often reported by UFO observers: fear and trembling or all-out incomprehension.

But I’m suggestion that UFOs are a sign, a push, for those seeing such things to make more of their sighting than just a report – a report that will get the once over by ufologists and UFO researchers/investigators who are as numb to the meaning of the sighting as the person who’s had it.

The UFO appearance should make the person seeing it aware that he or she should be something or do something – something significant and spectacular.