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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Roswell, The U.S. Navy, and flying saucers/disks (or discs)

This book, one of my favorite among the many extant, contains reproductions of the July 1947 newspaper [New York TIMES, et al.] accounts of the Roswell incident.

And it also has a reproduction of a U.S. News & World Report [April 7, 1950] entitled Flying Saucers – The Real Story: U.S. Built First One in 1942.

In that article is this:

Best use of fully developed saucer aircraft however could be made in warfare not by the Air Force but by the Navy. All fleet operations now require an air cover, even in anti-submarine warfare, and a plane that can rise like a helicopter could be used from [a] Navy Combat Ship, not only from big expensive aircraft carriers. It was for that reason that the first U.S. flying saucer was purchased by the Navy after the original model was tested in 1942. That first full-size aircraft built by Chance-Vought was thoroughly tested by Navy engineers. Then a statement was received that this project had been dropped. Early experimentation with saucers, thus. centered in the Navy. [Appendix 3, Page 277/15]

Again, the Navy, not the Air Force.

Also, if those of you want an overview of the flying saucer/flying disk nomenclature in the print press, you will find copies of articles – the actual newspaper accounts – of the 1947 time-frame in this book.