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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

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The Great Mistake about Roswell

Kevin Randle – in order to get comments at his blog? – raised the specter of Mogul again, and the Roswell buffs, pro and con, follow along – like sheep, discussing the debris that was allegedly found on the Foster ranch by Mac Brazel.

Real Roswell aficionados know that the so-called Rowell incident has nothing to do with Mac Brazel’s debris find, whatever it was.

The discovery of some kind of debris by Mac Brazel is co-incidental or simultaneous with what happened near Roswell in 1947, and was used by the Army Air Force to deflect media and the public from the real event that was being unraveled and eventually covered-up.

The Air Force continued to use the balloon farce in its 1994/95 and 1997 reports about Roswell, knowing that the red-herring was still palpable to gullible Roswell  investigators.

Co-mingling Mac Brazel’s loony escapade with some grungy debris he found with what really happened near Roswell is a ufological disservice that Kevin Randle and his sycophants, bad or good, continue to vomit, in ways that nauseate those seeking to clarify the Roswell incident no matter what it is, myth or fact.

I can write that the Roswell research team – now minus Mr. Randle -- is closing in on what actually happened near Roswell in 1947.

So long as they eschew the idiotic Mogul scenario, which I assure you, has absolutely nothing to do with the Roswell event, they can bring closure to the Roswell story, and put that event in its proper perspective in UFO lore.

Let’s hope that Mr. Randle gives up the Mogul/Mac Brazel ghost and applies his acumen to a real investigational thrust rather than trying to garner comments for his blog.