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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Velikovsky vindicated?

Just as Freud is new again, I see Velikovsky resurrected also:


UFO Memory

Dimitri Mellos wrote to The New Yorker [June9 & 16, 2014, Page 11] in response to Michael Specter’s article in the May 19th issue about how neuroscience has currently been corroborating Freud’s theories, resurrecting the psychoanalyst to a new, esteemed status among scientists:

With his concepts of “screen memories” and Nachträglichkeit (“deferred action,” or “afterwardness”), Freud described how memory is a palimpsest, a work of constant reconstruction, and how subsequent experiences can alter both the content and the psychological import of previous memories.

Yes, memory is compromised by the intersection of past experiences with more recent experiences, making UFO witness testimony, especially the Roswell witness testimony, gathered years after the supposed event, suspect.

However, The Arts cable offering has a documentary segment that presents a remembrance by 88 year-old Eva Hart recounting her experiences at age 7 aboard The Titanic when it sank in 1912:
Ms. Hart’s reconstruction of what happened to her was supported by photos taken aboard the great ship in 1912 showing her remembrance of detail was spot on.

Thus, one might conclude that some old memories remain intact and pretty much accurate.

When UFO investigators take witness testimony, they have to gather supporting testimony or evidence to corroborate what they’ve been told.

This hadn’t been done in the past, and the opportunity to do so is now lost or gone.

But let Freud’s insights be a caveat for today’s UFO researchers or investigators.