UFO Conjectures

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Failure of the ETH (The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

Certain UFO devotees, especially the Roswell alien-crash believers, think that Roswell will come to prove that we have been visited by entities from outside our Earth, extraterrestrials.

And those extraterrestrials have provided by their sheer unfortunate appearance in 1947 Roswell and at other times the possibility of advanced knowledge or beneficent morality and thought.

But this is a false hope, and a delusional hope also.

Since, it would seem that if beings from elsewhere besides Earth, who have been monitoring human activity here for millennia or even just from 1947 have actually observed what has transpired on this planet, with humans and other living creatures, they have acted with benign indifference.

When or if UFO creatures, if there were any, saw what has happened or is happening to multitudes of living sentient beings – Earth’s humanity – they have not intervened or acted in any way that would indicate an ethical or moral basis for life.

The non-intercession of UFOs in the plethora of inhuman acts on a scale that any monitoring culture would be blatantly exposed to goes to the heart of what UFOs are or are not.

I don not need to recount human barbarisms, from the past or in modern times, to show that an observant or monitoring presence, whether God or extraterrestrial beings are without compassion or empathy, even scientific empathy.

Those who see the UFO presence containing possible saviors of a kind for humanity’s evils or ills are in a state of irrational denial.

In the movie The Thing (From Another World) the pilot from the crashed flying saucer only operates in the context of its own survival, having no idea of what is good or evil that underlies human behavior.
That UFOs have never intervened in any human catastrophe, man-created or nature-created, indicates that UFOs are either an emotionally inert phenomenon or, if containing a non-Earthian sentience has no concept of what the sine qua non of human existence is.

That is, after millennia of data collecting, or simply passive observation, UFO beings, if there were such entities, are without any redeeming value(s) that would help humankind in time of crises.

As the slaughter of human beings and the multitude of genocidal acts have occurred, no UFO or otherworldly craft has interacted or interceded in any way whatsoever.

This means that either extraterrestrials are without emotion or ethical/moral standards or UFOs are merely a benign, non-thinking phenomenon.

And Roswell hopefuls, thinking to overlay that 1947 incident with a possibility of a culture or civilization that came here, to Earth, to help humanity, is as delusional as that segment of society still hoping for Christ’s Second-Coming.

The ETH has the patina of religion, but without the sacred accretions, which make religion so amenable to the great unwashed mass.