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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Symbolism: Socorro and Otherwise

I have dozens of books on symbolism. This is one, from which this comes [Prefix ix]:

Quoting Manfred Lurker, “The meaning of the symbol does not lie in the symbol itself but points to something else outside of it … The symbol is at once concealment and revelation.”

In the Socorro incident, Lonnie Zamora’s observation was compromised by some military machinations. Why?

The reason – to uncover possible hoaxers – lies fallow.

What was being covered-up or obfuscated?

Here are some alchemical symbols that resemble the popular symbol, which I happen to think is the actual symbol or insignia Officer Zamora saw: 
One can imagine that whomever in the Army or Air Force concocted the bogus symbol, which I think is the inverted V, they got their idea from their military insignia:
The reason I continue to ramble on about the Socorro symbol is that I think it is the vital clue that explains the Zamora sighting.

If it can be proven that the symbol Officer Zamora saw was Earth-derived, it would indicate that the craft he saw was a secret prototype (my preference) or maybe a “shout out” from the NMIT students in Anthony Bragalia’s hoax thesis.

If it seems to be too odd or strange to be accounted as Earth-produced, that would support David Rudiak’s extraterrestrial inclination for the Socorro event.

Either way, the symbol is important. To dismiss it is to shrug of a forensic item that tells us what was seen by Officer Lonnie Zamora in 1964.

(Other observed lettering or symbols on credible UFO sightings, such as the Chopic 1973 account, can be corroborative.)