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Sunday, June 22, 2014

UFO Buffs are NOT Intellectual Gourmands!

I placed four posting this past weekend [6/21-22] online: one about interesting early Airship/UFO sightings, one about the Big Bang, one about the NSA and evil government shenanigans, and one about Roswell and memory metal (from our colleague, Spanish UFO researcher Jose Caravaca).

Which one did readers surfeit on? The Roswell memory metal/Uri Geller item from Señor Caravaca.

Yes, it is an interesting item.

But is it the only item that deserves attention?

Roswell, in a title – despite the irritation it causes sensible UFO devotees – always brings a raft of comments, most biased and many incendiary.

That’s what happened with my postings; the relevant Redfern-connected machinations of the U.S. military and government when it comes to UFOs and the spicy UFO sightings of the 1890s and 1947, all dismissed so mavens could debate the Roswell memory metal item.

It’s shameful, intellectually.

That’s why academics, scientists, and news media general eschew UFOs. It’s not just the epithet UFOs that causes sane persons to eschew the topic. It’s often the inordinate attention to Roswell, which lopsides the matter.

Changing the UFO sobriquet to UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) or UAO (Unidentified Aerial Objects) as Gene Steinberg addressed in his recent Paracast newsletter won’t assuage the obtuseness of the subject for rational humans.

It’s the concentration of attention on Roswell, with all its erratic permutations, that keeps the UFO topic from real scrutiny.

UFO aficionados, swilling on Roswell, have ruined the UFO topic, in general, with their obsession.

An intriguing phenomenon has been emasculated by the Roswell fixation just as this blog has been diverted by readers who have no idea what is nutritious and what isn’t.