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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Trent/McMinnville UFO is a Ford Side-View Mirror?

This is one of the McMinnville/Trent UFO photos
While looking through the LIFE magazine photos, taken of the Trents and their farm, I noticed that the Trents had a 1950 Ford coupe, the very same as my first car:
That car had a round, side-view mirror on it, but where is it on the Trent car?
Is this what Robert Sheaffer was referring to in his evaluation of the Trent UFO photos?

"There exists no factual basis for rejecting the following hypothesis: at approximately 8:20 in the morning of May 11, 1950, a small asymmetrical model was suspended from overhead telephone wires by two very thin threads. It was photographed once, then reoriented either by hand or by its assumption of a pendulum-type motion, and photographed again."

Here is his full analysis of the Trent photos: