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Sunday, June 29, 2014

You tell me Martians won't start their own Roswell nonsense?


Bird Watching and Ufology

 UFOs as a hobby or life-engagement is a fringe activity; most of us know that.

It is an embarrassment to tell persons who are not UFO-keen that one is involved with the topic.

As an adult, in old age, like CDA and a few others who visit here, it is sad, pathetic actually, that I’m still enthralled by UFOs.

But I think I put UFOs into perspective, family members and friends see my attention to UFOs as inordinate.

What brings me to write about this is the passion with which Tony Bragalia’s ongoing Roswell writings, especially about the so-called memory metal found at the supposed 1947 crash site, evoke.

Mr. Bragalia is vilified by skeptics and adored by Rowell/ET believers.

Common sense and decency often leave the table when Roswell enters this blog or a discussion elsewhere.

Roswell is that side of the UFO coin that comes up too often for most ufologistic followers. It irks them, even though UFOs, generally, are just as frivolous for skeptics, such as Zoam Chomsky.

Passionate bird-watchers get just enlivened when one of their own spots a speckled-beak woodpecker, some saying the spotting is bogus or erroneous.

Telling one’s friends that one is a bird-watcher raises eyebrows just as UFOs do when they are mentioned in polite conversation,

And it’s not just the kook-factor that causes this. It’s that the world is fraught with real issues and real problems, practical and otherwise. And spending time and life about UFOs is seen as almost pyschopathic by wholesome members of human society.

UFOs, like bird-watching, or stamp collecting or growing petunias, is a niche topic, and should be treated gingerly by the rational folks among us.

That it raises such ire and vitriol bespeaks a mind-set that isn’t quite sane.

UFOs are only a quirky side-bar to life and Roswell is only one facet of the whole UFO malarkey.

So, let’s take it easy, fellow UFO followers.