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Friday, July 11, 2014

Is this the source of the Roswell slides?

Did Bernerd and Hilda Ray snap their photos from a display of mummies:



The Roswell Slides: What’s that smell?

There is, in my mind, a serious question of ethical behavior in the Roswell slides discovery and ongoing story.

When I first heard about the Roswell slides, from Anthony Bragalia, I thought he told me that a woman who was handling an estate sale found, hidden in a trunk, a cache of Kodachrome slides that she passed on to her brother, a Chicago businessman.

Mr. Bragalia wrote later, for this blog, that the woman who found the slides was an estate-cleaner, a cleaning lady, not an estate representative. Either I misunderstood him when he first told me the story or his initial concept of the woman's role was in error when he told me.

Somehow she or her brother ended up in contact with one of the so-called Roswell Dream Team members (Tom Carey?), thinking they had slides of an alien that was recovered in the Roswell crash of 1947. (As to why they thought this was what the slides showed or what their interest was in Roswell or how the Dream Team member came to be involved was never made clear to me,)

Mr. Bragalia passed on the nub of the story to Frank Warren [The UFO Chronicles] and Nick Redfern, and skirted further information to me as I was determined that the slides should be made public, to the UFO community at least.

When I noted the slide story at this blog, Mr. Bragalia and Kevin Randle, who was the originator of the Roswell Dream Team, said I was full of hooey, and that Mr. Randle didn’t know anything about the alleged slides.

After Paul Kimball disclosed that Mr. Randle did know about the slides and what was being pursued relevant to them, Mr. Randle dropped off the Team. Mr. Bragalia, however, tried to stifle my knowledge and effort to get the slide story out in the open.

And just yesterday [7/10], Mr. Bragalia took to comment here to say my view that the slides were inappropriately taken by the woman who discovered them, as she was required by law to disclose her find, was in error. 

Mr. Bragalia then proceeded to provide this comment about my view (which I got from an attorney):

No Rich, completely untrue! Who told you this poppycock? There is no TX Attorney General interest, no litigation, law suit or other legal hindrance of any kind in release of the slides...

The slides were obtained by a clean-out of a deceased owner's home (therefore legally trash) and not obtained from an "estate sale."

And any statute of limitations would have long passed to lay claim to the slides, Also...

Hilda had no children. Bernerd had no children. There are no direct descendants, no one to lay claim or make the claim to the slides.

The whole thing you've written is preposterous on the face of it for these reasons and more. 

And a Roswell team member I have just phoned who is closer to this situation than any of us thinks it ridiculous.


Now it seems the woman who found the slides wasn’t handling an estate sale but, rather, cleaning up the house in which she found the slides; that is, she was part of the crew disposing of the Hilda Ray house.

That makes little sense to me, but that’s Mr. Bragalia’s stance now [July 10th, 2014].

When pressed that his view about the cleaning of the deceased’s house, which our corporate attorney said was “full of shit,’ Mr. Bragalia sent me this:

Well whatever...it is to laugh:

Tell him this: the slides aren't leaving the owner's possession. And exact, ultra-high quality digital images have been made, and too many people have already seen them, and too many scientists have tested them to 'harm' the story.

It would take a court mandated action to take away the original slides. By then they would have already been broadcast (likely from a foreign country as I told you) where they would remain.

And tell you barrister this: I will be calling the TX Unclaimed Property Office and the TX AG's office to see if any kind of investigation of any type has been initiated against the Chicago owner of the slides.

Old slides left in a trunk and left in an attic after the couple is deceased and the RE firm has engaged a company to clean out the property- its trash, sorry. It's like leaving yellowed National Geographics when you die. In the dumper they go. To prove if the slides have any value would require someone to have come forward to say that they do. Who is this person?


It seems that Mr. Bragalia, a friend of this blog (so far) has come to an obsessed position about the slides, and is willing to set aside transparency and ethics in order to make a mark in the UFO community and the world at large, as he sees the slides as absolute proof that an alien body was recovered at Roswell, and the slides confirm that.

From what Larry wrote, after seeing the slides, Mr. Bragalia said Larry is now a believer, a view that I (and others) don’t exactly read into his comment(s) where he (Larry) describes what he sees in the slides.

I and others (who might come forward) don’t see the slides as proving anything. They are circumstantial at best, and acquired in a strange way, promoted just as strangely, by their present owner.

Something has been dicey about this slide story from the get-go.

It’s become a messy affair, surely. And that’s because the Dream Team thinks they have to get all their ducks in a row before they disclose what they think is the Roswell secret.

Instead of being forthcoming and transparent, Mr. Bragalia and his cronies have circumvented ethical behavior as a means to what they see as a monumental end: The Roswell Crash was real and alien bodies were found.

That conclusion is as far from acceptable by anyone with half a sense about what the slides show or can show.

The slides were obtained in a way that doesn’t seem proper to me (and others). They were passed on to a person who is planning to exploit them, and Mr. Bragalia and his team-mates are complicit in that exploitation, ethics and transparency be damned.

This is where we are…