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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The ET Equation: Something’s Missing

Assuming that the ETH enthusiasts are correct and UFOs are manned by visitors from someplace off Earth – extraterrestrials from other worlds (or dimensions) – what is the X factor that is absent?

That is, if we subject UFOs and the alleged “pilots” in them to anthropomorphic extrapolation, what do find that is lacking?

If UFOs are here to explore this world or even to exploit it (for minerals, commodities, such as water, crops, et cetera, or even human beings), that exploration is not unlike the explorations of humans during Earth’s history, the key periods being the 15th and 16th centuries, with Columbus, Cook, Vespucci, or a bit earlier, Marco Polo, et al.

In the human explorations, even the dastardly ones of the Spaniards in Middle and South America, the explorers brought, inadvertently or purposely (religious thrusts of missionaries, for example)) elements of their cultures and civilizations: cultivation techniques, military wherewithal, books, art work, adornments of various kinds, and more.

Discounting the AA theories – pyramid construction is without practical value by any stretch of the imagination – one finds little or no evidence that any alien visitation gave humans something of value or use.

We’ve noted, in the past here and elsewhere, that UFOs and their supposed occupants seem to lack cultural artifacts: books, music, art.

Despite Betty Hill’s mention of an ET book in her kidnappers craft and Adamski’s contact Orthon’s shoe prints, and a few other bizarre episodes, one never reads or hears of cultural or helpful offerings by UFO aliens interacting with human beings in a meaningful or practical way.

Jose Antonio Caravaca’s plethora of odd sightings and contacts wherein beings are present, not one displays a sensible interaction; the behavior is bizarre, even insane-like.

So, if one proclaims that UFOs and ETs are here or have visited Earth for exploratory purposes of some kind, those UFOs and ETs undercut their reality by acting outside what we know explorers to do.

That is, if the premise is like the premise of human exploration, why isn’t the follow-up similar?

Do aliens have an agenda that is so oblique and weird that the exploration premise is set aside for something that doesn’t logically follow?

Moreover, where are the refinements of an advanced culture, the art, the literature, the music, that are blatantly absent in any contact with UFO occupants as reported, inside and outside of alleged alien abductions too?

Aliens, visiting Earth, must have a purpose, but what is it? And why have no fecund results occurred during the immense spate of UFO visitations (sightings) or contacts?

As Jacques Vallee proposes, in his data and perception driven exculpation of the ET/UFO reality in the paper presented in the posting before this one, one can add the lack of any cultural or even scientific purpose for alien visitations.

No! Alien probes of humans in abduction accounts are as purposeless as they would be if they had occurred during Livingston’s sojourns in Africa. To attribute UFO visits for human anatomical studies is futile, on the face of it: such superficial medical studies remain as the hallucinatory product of deranged minds during a defective neurological episode. Such procedures by alien explorers would be side-saddled if one accepts the premise of explorations per se, using the human model.

There is something missing in the ET equation for UFOs, something more than the rational refutation by Jacques Vallee: it’s the evidence for a culture or cultures that would spur exploration of the Universe in the first place – a need to satiate inquisitiveness and imagination, which would be accompanied by cultural or refined elements (books, art, music) of which there are none in the UFO reports accumulated.


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