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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Socorro Symbol/Insignia tells us what Officer Zamora actually saw

French skeptic Gilles Fernandez has provided a link to his skeptical blog or forum, about the Socorro symbol:

Gilles looks at the symbol as a conjunction of memory, graphic similarities, and other associations.

It’s a legitimate take.

But my ongoing and obsessed attention to the symbol is premised by the idea that I’ve often expressed: Identification of the symbol (or insignia) will tell us what Officer Zamora spotted in the Socorro desert.

I’ve argued, earlier here and at our other blogs, that it seems iffy the symbol was inscribed by alien (extraterrestrial) beings on the side of their craft.

One can make the alien case I suppose, and Wikipedia’s review of human writing and proto-writing, highlighting the non-connection to western civilization’s evolved writing by Chinese, Japanese, AmerIndian script among others can help one do that:

Also, here’s a concise and pithy review of human writing from which one can make a case for an alien culture developing writing similarly to how human beings have:

But striving to show that an extraterrestrial presence would paint or place a symbol on its interplanetary (or inter-dimensional) craft raises more questions than it answers, such as how the phonemic connection to human writing was created and how similar writing came into being for an alien culture, but it could be done, and maybe has been.

Setting aside the problematic connection of an ET explanation for the Socorro craft, one can attempt to see if there are human symbolism that explains the insignia Lonnie Zamora saw and drew.

Matt Gilleece did this for us a while back, tracing the popular Socorro symbol to Howard Hughes:

But that explanation has been compromised by the insertion of other symbols that Officer Zamora allegedly saw and drew.

Monsieur Fernandez is locked into a skeptical stance that is warped by his incendiary dislike of the ETH and its proponents.

But he diminishes his dismissal by a rational comment about symbols generally:

"So the probability to find some similarities between symbols is not shocking me, nor hallucinating or astonishing me."

That’s not the point however, and it’s certainly not my point.

I think the Socorro craft was a man-made prototypical, experimental craft and the symbol was infused on it by its creator(s): Howard Hughes and the CIA operation, Raven Industries, the symbol a manifestation of the egoistical engineers that Mr. Hughes engendered and used.

That is has human origin is what I see, alchemical perhaps, or computer-symbolization as I’ve outlined several times in the past here, with cited illustrations.

Monsieur Fernandez can take all the time he likes to show that symbols are similar or generated by human memory and imagination but that is a fool’s argument.

I and others are not arguing that methodology.

We are merely saying that the Socorro symbol – if we can determine which one is the real one – will lead us back to the source of the thing seen by Lonnie Zamora in 1964.

It may turn out to be alien after all, but more likely it seems to have a human origin and when we discover or decipher that, we’ll have provided an explanation for the Socorro event.


The Roswell slides are photos of a White Sands rocket test accident?

This insertion is from an abstract about Rocket tests, beginning in 1946, from White Sands:

Many of those who worked in rocketry during the war nurtured the hope that the time may come when rockets are used for the sole purpose of scientific exploration. For me, the realization that this time had indeed come occurred in the summer of 1946 on the White Sands Proving Grounds where some of the captured V-2's from Peenemuende were testfired.

Working on the gyro stabilization system near the top of the rocket high on a shaky ladder, I met a young scientist who stood nearby on another shaky ladder and fixed a little Geiger counter that he had built at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington. The counter had a thin window to admit ultraviolet radiation from the Sun; the name of the young scientist was Herbert Friedman. For Dr. Friedman, this rocket flight in White Sands stood at the beginning of a brilliant career in space science. [Italics mine]

(No, the Dr. Friedman is not Stan or a relative, as far as I know.)

Here is a link to the full page from which I culled the excerpt above:

White Sands

My suggestion is that what Bernerd Ray's kodachromes show is the aftermath of a White Sands rocket accident. in which some Navy personnel were wounded or killed.

The Roswell team hasn't pursued this possibility because of their zeal to show the body in the slides is an alien (extraterrestrial) humanoid.

I don't think the Roswell team has drilled down deep enough to determine what the Kodachrome slides actually show.


Heim Quantum Theory (for and about rocket propulsion)

A raft of esoteric comments have appeared at Kevin Randle's blog, following his posting about the Coyne UFO episode of October 1973.

Larry asked for a source about the Heim quantum theory regarding rocker propulsion. Here is a link to an abstract that may pertain: