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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

An alien....er, Man on the Moon?


The Roswell Slides Team is a bit too zealous and non-objective or scientific

Anthony Bragalia proselytizes for the Roswell slides writing that the slides show “the alien depicted to be that of a corpse of a non-human bipedal being.”

We’ll give him that.

But what the slides DO NOT SHOW OR PROVE is that the photos were taken in or near Roswell in July 1947.

Moreover, the slides confirm nothing about the Roswell event.

That Mr. Bragalia and his team-mates think the public or UFO community is going to accept their non-objective, non-scientific view is what’s really nutty.

Mr. Bragalia, by assuming an ET bias with Roswell overtones will marginalize him in the UFO community and will take down NASA staffer Larry Lemke and Chris Rutkowski with him.

Mr. Bragalia finalizes his comment in another post here about the slides with this:

“People will dream up all kinds of crazy things about the slides…”

Yes, indeed….they will, Mr. Bragalia and his cronies more than anyone else.