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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Roswell Team’s Mission: Sidetracked or Derailed

I know some of you hate the ongoing posting here about the alleged Roswell slides but it’s a farce that needs to be made transparent or wiped away.

Kevin Randle set up The Roswell Dream Team to clarify and cleanse the Roswell story of erroneous detritus, placing the so-called incident in a factual frame of reference once and for all.

But after Mr. Randle’s withdrawal from the Team – and let’s not go there again – the Team got bogged down with an obsession about some Kodachrome slides that they think are from the Roswell area and time-period (July 1947).

That provenance – Roswell and July 1947 – has yet to be proven, and I suspect it won’t be.

The Roswell affair, in toto, has been set aside to pursue the slide story, which has become the summum bonum of the Team’s effort.

That some on the Team see this as a money-maker goes without saying (or writing).

Fame and fortune have blinded the Team members; the Roswell incident buried in the obsession to become famous or rich.

My obsession with the team efforts is almost as bad as their obsession to get publicity for the Kodachrome slides, almost.

Part of what this blog is meant to do is present the panoply of foolishness and/or truth about UFOs and the phenomena’s followers.

Once the slides are presented and ridiculed, I’ll relent and get back to providing what little I can find about UFOs.

Meanwhile, bear with me. The slides need to be made public so we can have at them, and remove their onus once and for all.