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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Aldeburgh Platform

I found this in our archives, and hope the source forgives me for not knowing how we obtained it:

The Aldeburgh Platform

These two images appeared in the original capture:
                                  The Platform
                                The Locale

The sighting should be well known to CDA and other Brits; it reminds me of the Reverend Gill/New Guinea sighting of 1959, nine years earlier.


Source for Socorro Prototype Speculation

Here is a link to a source that may explain what Lonnie Zamora may have seen at Socorro in 1964:

Balloon-Tethering of Lunar Test Module

David Rudiak will pooh-pooh this suggestion but he has nothing concrete to establish an ET explanation, while this link can provide information that circumstantially provides a realistic possibility for Lonnie Zamora's experience.

(I'll provide the exact prototype test date and data upcoming.)


"The Roswell Perspective"

I came across the following item while scouring our 2005 blog archive:

It ends with this, which CDA should like:

"Those of us who served in the 509th Bomb Group at the time had considerable pride in our unit and respected our commanders. I believe we would have acted responsibly and promptly if there had been such a 'cataclysmic event.' The accusations that any of us have been involved in some sort of massive cover-up is ludicrous for one simple reason: Nothing occurred to cover up!"

There are links to much Roswell material, pro and con. Roswellians should find some useful things in it.