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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

UFO Entities: Where did they go?

In the early, modern era of UFOs, beings were spotted outside or inside UFOs/flying saucers, more often than not.

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca has cited a number of cases, and most of you are familiar with the genre.

In the 1950s, European countries were rife with UFO/entity sightings, France and Italy particularly. The entities were usually small in stature and oddly dressed:
Soviet , South American, and Scandinavian countries were allegedly intruded upon by entities of a taller or larger stature and sometimes impish:
In the United States or Canada, the entities were human or animal-like mostly, except for those encountered by contactees, which we can rule out as authentic in any real sense:
And some were just odd:
Were such sightings a matter of mass hysteria or hallucination, like that of the Loudun (France) nun possession in France [1634], across boundaries, as in Europe?

Or were these actual intrusions of alien entities from other worlds or dimensions (or time)?

That aside, why are there no such sightings or visitations now?

Was the 1940-1950 time-frame one of psychical displacement because of the Cold War or an aftermath of mental disturbance caused by World War II – a kind of flying saucer “shell shock”?

The entity sightings were (and are?) interesting and exciting for a number anthropological or psycho-social reasons.

Just as the current and recent studies of the pygmy tribes in Africa or the “hobbits” of Borneo look for an evolutionary pattern, the UFO entities could use a scrutiny, even though they are no longer reported or ufologically extant.

They point to an element of UFO lore that goes to, in my estimation, a clue as to what UFOs or flying saucers were (and are?).


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