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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Albrecht Durer's UFO?

Did German artist Albrecht Durer [1471-1528] who lived and worked in Nuremberg, where those famous broadsheets of UFOs occurred (covered here a few months back), see a UFO and produced an engraving of what he saw, elaborating on his sighting via artistic metaphors because he was flummoxed by the sighting, as most UFO witnesses are?

Here is an exegesis of the Durer engraving:

Durer's Melancholia


UFO abductions in (or by?) the military

This 1996 paper has the patina of scholarship, but is it really scholarly?

Project MILAB

I have never been a follower of the so-called alien abduction thesis, but have presented various pieces about the "phenomenon" -- especially after the exchanges I've had, in the past, with the credible Will Bueche (a colleague of John Mack).

Alien abductions are, for me, a psychological or neurologgical matter incurred by various stimuli. You can find my suggestions via Google.

CDA notes the diminishment of interest in the matter.


ABC's Good Morning America deals with UFOs

Airing 8/28/14:

The Socorro craft...on display

This photo appears in the Smithsonian magazine Air & Space [September 2014, Page 41]:
This is the blurb underneath the photo:
The similarity to what Lonnie Zamora reported, including a red insignia, is remarkable and interesting, insofar as the "craft" used in the photo replicates Officer Zamora's sighting.