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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Roswell Slides: Not Interested!

I contacted several journalist friends with the Roswell slide story, hoping to get them to one-up the (allegedly) pending presentation on one of the fringe networks (History or Science?).

Noted Poynter freelancer Jim Romenesko was not interested but wanted to know which fringe network was involved. (I told him History or Discovery, although I have no idea).

Dan Spalding, a Chicago area reporter, passed.

And my CNN contact wrote back that his network had passed on the matter, because of the people involved (Roswell promoters) when it was presented to them earlier and doubted they would be interested now, but he'll let me know.

While UFO stories -- serious stories -- are rarely covered by news media, Roswell seems to be really taboo, the "incident" encrusted with fraud and lies and a kind of social hysteria that demeaned the topic years ago.

So, it seems we'll have to wait for the presentation charade to see what happens.

As a local TV reporter told me, in the world today, Roswell is a beleaguered story without societal value.