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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Robert Sheaffer provides (at Kevin Randle's blog) the Joel Carpenter analysis of the Trent/McMinnville photos

And ongoing discussion of the Trent/McMinnville UFO photos at Kevin Randle's blog has brought out the usual pro/con comments of some UFO habitues.

Robert Sheaffer checked in and provided, magnanimously, a link to a "lost" exegesis of the Trent photos by (the now deceased?) Joel Carpenter in 2004.

The analysis by Mr. Carpenter is a prime example of how a UFO sighting/event should be evaluated and here is the link that Mr. Sheaffer provided....and we thank him for making it available again:


(I normally wouldn't intrude upon Mr. Randle's effort but this Trent analysis is so good that I think it should be seen by as many ufological hobbyists as possible.)


Dr. Lincoln LaPaz on his observation of Green Fireball(s)

A paper from a February 1949 [Top Secret] conference at Los Alamos Scientific Center wherein Dr. Lincoln LaPaz discusses (with Dr. Edward Teller et al.) his observation of a Green Fireball:

Page One

Page Two

(David Rudiak may try to say this came from his site, but it didn't. It appeared at our original UFO blog in 2004.)