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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ufology Flies Further into the Flaky Arena

Many of you chastised Anthony Bragalia for his latest posting about remote viewing and Roswell, with attendant commentary about a Roswell séance from Nick Redfern.

And our favorite site about the paranormal -- The Anomalist – has become truly enamored of the fringe, UFOs as spiritual quirks, et cetera.

This reminds me of the 16th Century when the western world was engulfed in goofy activities and odd pretenses, as recounted in this book:
The 1500s were beset by a societal change – The Church of Rome under attack by Martin Luther and eventually unseated as the moral arbiter of human behavior by the Protestant movement.

This caused generally reasonable men (and women) to become mentally disoriented, causing them to accept or adopt practices that raised hob inside society.

(The Salem Witch Trials of the 1600s are an example.)

What is happening now that is creating societal turmoil that even extends to the obscure and ridiculous segment defined ad “ufology”?

Why it’s the onslaught of extreme Islamic movement, that hopes to unseat what it sees as the corruption of civilization by the western powers, headed by the United States of America and Great Britain.

The mental anxiety produced by this extreme “religious” movement seems to have infected even those who are usually removed from societal plights: UFO mavens.

While UFOs have a reported tangibility or reality as seen in the historical record and especially the journalistic record of the modern era, those who are mentally disjointed, at some level, by the societal upheaval promulgated by al Qaeda and currently ISIS in the middle east, have brought their disjointedness into the UFO arena.

Alien abductions and extraterrestrial visitation have been replaced by the idea that UFOs are a product of the eerie spiritual milieu – ghosts and spirits are the cause of UFO sightings and are the underlying explanation of UFOs – the UFO reality.

Just as spiritualism and psychic séances became epidemic in the late 1800s, those oddball activities are now recurring in the UFO community, besmirching a topic [UFOs] that is already too weird to be considered by sane individuals, let alone science.

Sure, ESP and related psychic manifestations should be studied by those who think there is intellectual or evolutionary gold inside those freaky matters.

But UFOs? Does that phenomenon need one more bizarre accretion added to its already baffling and queer lore?