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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Trent/McMinnville UFO is a truck mirror?

Over at Kevin Randle's blog our friend Zoam Chomsky [The Iron Skeptic] posted a comment purported to tell readers there that farmer Trent, who took the (in)famous McMinnville flying disk photos (1950), used his truck mirror to hoax the photos he took, and this photo shows the mirror used:
Now we like Zoam but this photo was taken after the May 1950 photo session. Did Farmer Trent re-attach the mirror he supposedly used to create his flying saucer photos?

Yes, there are several arguments made for a Trent family hoax, but there are equally valid arguments that the Trents did see and, indeed, photographed an odd flying object.

Zoam's comment at Randle's blog is off the mark however, as here we have the mirror, mischievously used, back in place on farmer Trent's truck.

One skeptical comment bites the dust.


The Roswell Slides: An Update

We had hoped that Anthony Bragalia would provide a posting about what’s going on in the “Roswell slides” matter but I think he’s not interested.

It seems that possessor of the slides has removed The Roswell [Dream] Team from an association with the slides.

Mr. Bragalia, like us (and some of you) would like to see the slides make a public appearance and they may, but not imminently it seems.

Mr. Bragalia cannot tell us anything more than he has, he tells me.

Our resident space intellectual, Larry, who has seen the slides, close up, isn’t about to say they show an alien body but he does admit the Kodachromes do show an odd humanoid body and that the slides need much more scientific scrutiny, which they have gotten or are getting, the “owner” footing the costs of such scrutiny.

So, we’ll all only get to see the slides when and if they appear on a broadcast show from one of the usual presenters of fringe material: History, Science, Discovery, et cetera.


Is this anything? Nope....