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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The April 1975 Womack UFO experience

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It's an experience more than an abduction (and I think Kevin Randle has dealt with this somewhere).

Location. Near Ryan Mountain Alabama
Date: April 1975
Time: evening

A 3-foot ball of fire dropped into the road several ft in front of John Womack’s car. He followed it until it rolled into a meadow, when he stopped & got out. It rose & disappeared, and a huge silvery object, like a disc with shallow upper & lower domes, appeared instead. 150 ft in diameter & 5o ft high, it was surrounded by a yellowish blue glow. A beam of light moved slowly toward the ground & spread out on reaching it, and the UFO began to descend. As Womack retreated, a beam of red light struck him in the face; he woke up aboard the UFO, sitting in a padded chair with a metal helmet on his head. In the room were intricate looking devices and 3 sorts of beings; 2 “leaders” with nose less faces & mouths like a porpoise’s. 3 giants at least 8 ft tall with hairy torsos & brutal looking faces, and 6-8 5-foot creatures with flipper feet, 6 crab like arms, 2 antennae, and beards, whose bodies were covered with “greenish warty lumps,” & whose faces wore a grinning expression. A large TV screen covered one wall. One leader spoke to the witness by means of a translating machine, telling him he would not be harmed, & shook his hand. He was then told that demons are responsible for all evil & suffering; the ufonauts use a pill that expels them. Their planet is 40 years distant; they live on food pellets; their ships are propelled by solar energy. They have been studying the earth for several thousand years. The witness was taken on a tour of the ship, and then given a view of the alien’s solar system. He came to himself sitting on the ground, & saw the UFO leave.

This is a drawing that Mr. Womack made of his "encounter"...
The encounter has all the earmarks of a psychotic experience, supported by this drawing which replicates the kinds of drawings that schizophrenics make after they've had an "episode."

Jose Antonio Caravaca might engage this event with his external agent thesis.

Or someone might try to justify the episode as an authentic UFO encounter. (I don't know what Kevin Randle's take was.)

Either way, the event is interesting in a number of ways, and almost unique....almost.