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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

For UFOs, water is gold

The Science cable network, last night [10/7/14] had an account of a UFO event in Langenburg, Saskatchewan, in which a farmer was surprised to see a bevy of “machines” hovering over his farm-field(s), creating crop circles.

Initially he was drawn to the objects as they seemed to be siphoning water from the swamp adjoining his property.

The “story” reminded me of the 1966 Ann Arbor-Dexter/Hillsdale sightings in which Frank Mannor and some co-eds at Hillsdale College spotted eerie something(s) hovering over swamps in their areas.

(Frank Mannor thought the object, he and his son saw at his farm, was attracted to the swamp/water there.)

You all know of accounts, many, where objects (UFOs?) have been seen apparently taking water aboard: Wanaque, among them and many more that can be found here:

I think an argument can be made that UFOs have sought out the Earth (as inconsequential as this planet is in our galaxy and the universe generally, as I’ve argued for some time) because it is a water planet.

Water may be a novelty for UFOnauts or maybe even a valuable commodity (as gold is for humans).

Or do you UFOs come back from the future wherein the Earth is in a dire, drought-ridden state?

Or are UFOs from a meandering civilization (Mars?) that lost its water millennia ago, needing the sustaining element to survive?

Whatever the phenomenon is, even a delusion, why would it be attracted to water?