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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The "Trickster" as a anthropomorphized metaphor is for lunatics

Bryan Daum makes a slight, quick reference to The Trickster in a comment for the Jackie Gleason post here:

Are they time travelers, observers, tricksters, specters, or what?

This about the purported beings who show up in UFO encounter reports.

The Trickster is a categorized attempt by humans to explain the vicissitudes -- the ups and downs -- of everyday (human) life.

Life is a common struggle, with bad moments and good moments.

To attribute a mythical or mystical being to a human construct, without tangible reality make me intellectually remorseful, furious even.

Bryan's comment was judicious and sensible so I'm not citing him for errant thought. It was only an aside.

But the constant use of The Trickster archetype by UFO buffs is egregiously ignorant and causes those who take psychological and philosophical disciplines seriously to move away from the UFO topic.

Althought there is a raft of commentary about The Trickster in anthropological circles and among Jungian acolytes (Joseph Campbell, for one), the concept is seen as a fictive being, not a real thing.

Just as Christians and other religious aficionados think Satan or angels are real beings, ufologists like to use The Trickster as a real being, causing some UFO sightings or events.

It's an ignorant stance.

Even as God is an iffy reality, The Trickster is so much more so.

I would hope that readers here would refrain from stretching credulity to a breaking point by using The Trickster metaphor as an explanation for some UFO events.

Was this encounter a Trickster event or fictional account by a woman with an irate husband who was trying to abate any knowledge of a dalliance? [See previous posting here about that .]
This is not The Trickster or his minions. It's an attempt to ward off repercussions of an affair.

The Trickster does not exist, has never existed, and should be relegated to the fiction category. Please.


A UFO with a common symbol

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca provides this sighting:
October 1980. 5 am.  Miguel García Abad 34, traveling on the Cadiz-Seville road, a few kilometers from the town of Jerez (Cadiz) about 300 meters to the left, sees a saucer-shaped object inverted , bright orange, with four spotlights strong light. The light around the appliance covers 100 meters. According to the witness, the flying saucer, about 12 meters in diameter. In the upper part exists an emblem formed by several radial black lines, perhaps about 5. The symbol highlighted about luminous object   . The witness continued to circulate. (Source "Expedientes Insólitos" Ballester Olmos. 1995.

The symbol is a readily available symbol in the human lexicon of symbols, so it doesn't provide the element of mystery that the Lonnia Zamora symbol has.

But it is interesting for being prominent on a UFO, an Earth prototype, or as part of an hallucinatory incident.