UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I need some help here......

A few months back I pulled a book from my collection (picture 3), about history's methodologies, hoping to compare those methodologies with ufological "methodologies."

I mentioned it in a comment here (somewhere.)

The title eludes me. as does the book itself.

I kept it near my bedroom desk (picture 2). shuffling it from one book/magazine pile to another, but always in proximity with other things I planned on using for debate here.

For two weeks, I and one of my guys have scoured the whole place, trying to find that damn book.

We have looked in every nook and cranny, and re-looked every where I might have (mis)placed that book, a pale green paperback.

Now here's where you come in -- this is how desperate I am to locate that book:

The photos below are where the book was last, or where I might have moved it.

If any of you have psychic abilities (or have a friend with same), or even if you only are a good guesser, tell me in which room (which picture) where I may locate the missing book/

First is my bedroom:
Second is our office space (excuse the messiness, I'll get to the room eventually):
And here is the book collection from which I originally pulled the book (thinking I may have placed it back for some reason):
You may think this odd, my asking for some psychical help, but the matter has become a real (personal) mystery. I have moved things around several times now, checked drawers, even my travel bag, and our plane. Nada.

So, give it a shot, won't you, and help out a frustrated guy, who hates to lose a book to the ether.

(And don't tell me it's TheTrickster at work. That will just make the frustration worse.)