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Thursday, November 06, 2014

From our academic pal Bryan Sentes


Adamski's Orthon was a sacred Avatar?

George Adamski's Orthon, the alleged Venusian he met in the desert, supposedly left this shoe imprint (with an, as yet, undeciphered message):
This is a symbol [from The Illustrated Book of Sign and Symbols by Miranda Bruce-Mitford, DK Publishing, NY, 1996] representing the various aspects of the Buddha's being -- restraint, freedom, supreme intelligence, the force that breaks lust, et cetera:
And this is a symbol [from the same Bruce-Mitford book] representing the Vishnu's incarnation:
Was Adamski's Orthon a reality connected to the Far Eastern gods?

Adamski was familiar with Buddhist and Hindu theology, so did he concoct the Orthon shoe with a kind of reference to such theologies?

Adamski's elaborate hoax is fraught with esoteric and exotic references that either example a brilliant con man or a person who actually touched an ethereal connection to the gods, who interacted with early man (in India and elsewhere) as the Ancient Astronaut theorists would have it?