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Sunday, November 09, 2014

The Socorro symbol/insignia seems to be my obsession, but is it?

This is the description, by the Air Force, for its Command Emblem:

The globe reflects the command's global capabilities and the golden wings represent the dominance in the air and reflect our lineage to the Army Air Corps. The blue field alludes to the sky, the primary domain of the Air Force. The star represents clarity of purpose to maintain readiness and deter adversaries. The red disc symbolizes past and present Airmen who have made individual sacrifices to achieve mission goals. The lightning flashes, symbolic of speed and power, represent our war-fighting mission should deterrence fail, and remind us of our lineage to Strategic Air Command.

When a logo or emblem, like this, is created, it has a meaning behind the elements in the thing.

Earthians like to do that; it is de rigueur for those designing and using the emblem or logo.

This means, for me, that the Socorro insignia/symbol, which is a human an artifact, not an alien artifact (as I've pointed out in previous postings) will tell us who was responsible for the "craft" seen by Police Officer Zamora.

The problem is, which insignia did he really see? The one he drew or the one that some said was the real one?
The reason I keep harping on this, is that once the symbol is found, it will eliminate the "sighting" or event from the ET/UFO lore, finally.


Crazier and crazier!