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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bees from Mars pilot UFOs?

CDA has often noted a UFO book from the 1950s that proposed the crazy idea that flying saucers were piloted by intelligent bees from Mars.

That book is this one (on the right) by Gerald Heard, which a reviewer at Amazon writes is full of (minute) errors -- Thomas Mantell is noted as James Mantell and the Maury Island "hoax" is just listed as a generic flying saucer event where slag was found.

Mr. Heard's hypothesis has been forgotten pretty much but maybe shouldn't have been dismissed so readily (except for the Martian connection).

UFOs, which seem to have appeared and still appear in clusters that belie a race of humanoid pilots making massive trips to Earth from galaxies far, far away, could accommodate an hypothesis found in an abstract from the Goddard Space Colloquia collection:

Seeley, Thomas
Cornell University
Presentation Date
Scientific Colloquium: 2011
Engineering Colloquium: 2011
Call Number
2011-1202 (SCI)


Swarm intelligence is the solving of a cognitive problem by two or more individuals who independently collect information and process it through social interactions. With the right organization, a group can overcome the cognitive limitations of its members and achieve a high collective IQ. To understand how to endow groups with swarm intelligence, it is useful to examine natural systems that have evolved this ability. An excellent example is a swarm of honey bees solving the life-or-death problem of finding a new home. A honey bee swarm accomplishes this through a process that includes collective fact-finding, open sharing of information, vigorous debating, and fair voting by the hundreds of bees in a swarm that function as nest-site scouts. Thomas Seeley will show how these incredible insects have much to teach us when it comes to achieving collective wisdom and effective group decision making.

Maybe Mr. Heard's idea isn't as crazy as it has been portrayed.


UFOs and Ufology: The End is Near

Those paying attention can see that the UFO phenomenon has reached a nadir.

When Kevin Randle, and me, and many others are struggling to find relevant, new UFO ideas and material but can’t, UFO buffs have to accept, if they are reasoning individuals, that the thing which interested them, and still does, to some extent, has diminished in relevancy and importance.

We UFO aficionados are, as Bruce Duensing might put it, beating a dead horse.

Scouring the UFO “universe” one is struck by the desperation to find something germane or significant.

YouTubers are loading their spots on the video site with images of flecks or ripples on the moon, and strange configuration in NASA’s Mars rRover pictures, not UFOs necessarily, but somehow seemingly related…..at least as they try to portray it.

Bloggers (like us and Mr. Randle) are dredging up old sightings and controversies, begging readers to comment and re-ignite the topic….to no real avail.

The Anomalist is noting many more items of paranormality than items about UFOs.

We, all of us, are providing the dregs of UFO lore, while new “observations” are either created out of whole cloth and anything with a odd shape or cast in the sky has become fodder for a UFO designation.

There are past UFO mysteries to clear up, but that’s grist for the hobbyist, not the public at large, or new, curious UFO mavens, who are a rare breed nowadays.

The once prominent phenomenon (or enigma) is the farthest thing of interest for a culture or society in the midst of turmoil(s) that really count.

I’ll plug along here, acknowledging the futility of my effort, because UFOs provide surcease of my other vibrant concerns and interests that consume the bulk of my day and thinking.

Hang in here, with me, if you like. I’ll still try to invigorate a matter that we all know is on its deathbed, but on life support.