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Sunday, December 21, 2014

An abduction account (from our previous UFO incarnation -- 2005)

In the November 1977 issue of UFO Report, Jerome (Jerry) Clark recounts an abduction case that is intriguing in a number of ways.

The event occurred in min-June 1969 to a couple (whose real names were not disclosed in Mr. Clark’s rendering) as they traveled from Minnesota  to Los Angeles, with their encounter taking place southwest of Salt Lake City.

The couple, during hypnotic sessions, told of being taken aboard an alien craft by insect-like beings, with features similar to some of those described by Betty and Barney Hill after their 1961 “abduction.”

The sessions, on tape, were presented pretty much by Mr. Clark in his article. Clark was baffled by the encounter as it was related by the couple, but accepted it as a true account; something truly bizarre happened to the duo, as it had to the Hills but the details were so strange that Clark could only raise the ongoing (to this day) questions about such encounters, “What is it? What can we do about it? What happens next?”

What strikes this writer is that the couple said they saw a “fish-shaped craft, with a fin, a flat bottom, and a red light on top of the front hump.”

Driving to escape this craft, they came upon a camper at a rest stop with a figure dressed in a white rubbery suit that made it look like a snowman with “roundish head” and jointless arms and legs.

Driving hurriedly away they apparently came upon the camper later on down the road, but what the female member of the two saw in the camper window was absolutely weird and frightening: two entities in black leather suits, wearing black leather gloves – they didn’t have heads, just “dim outlines of heads” and no mouths, just “Cheshire cat-like expressions of leering ‘evil grins.’”

When the couple agreed to hypnotic sessions, between 1974 and 1975 – with one of the tapes lost by Mr.Clark (or taken he hints) – they told of events that parallel the Hills’ case.

The man in the encounter saw, as had Barney Hill, a being in the UFO when he first spotted it.

The couple experience a tingling feeling as they were being transported aboard the craft where they found themselves in a round, domed, clear room – white with gauges.

The beings in the room with them had large heads, no hair, and looked like insects, with big, green colored eyes, and green colored mouths. They were “working dials.”

Their eyes partly circled their heads (like those in Barney Hill’s drawing of the beings he and Betty were taken by), and gave a grasshopper appearance.

No communication except for a low humming sound and a kind of telepathy.

The beings wore a kind of uniform, white in color.

And the thing they saw at the camper – the white snowman – appeared, and it was then realized that the couple’s abduction took place when they saw that figure at the camper and the period from that sighting to their escape by driving away produced a period of lost time, during which they had their abduction encounter.

The story is rather interesting in a number of ways, but one little thing stands out; the couple was not married but the woman’s ex-husband had introduced her to the man she was now aligned with.

Betty and Barney Hill were a mixed race couple, as you know.

Do “abductions” come to those persons who have a singularly out-of-the-norm relationship or some other psycho-social quirk?

Maybe alleged abductees can tell us what their quirk is, if any. This may be the clue to the abduction phenomenon which, for all intents and purposes, seems to be a strange event, but one that cannot be explained in ordinary, prosaic terms, or understood by those terms, or any others for that matter.