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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

From our academic friend, Bryan Sentes: The Search for ET -- How close are we?


The Happiest of Holidays to our readers and UFO friends

Merry Christmas:
And Happy Hanukkah:
RR (and the boys)

The Proceedings of The Sign Historical Group UFO History Workshop [1999]

This is a photo of some real UFO researchers, a few gone to their heavenly reward and a few about to.

If you can find the Sign paper online, do so; it was an important, meaningful attempt to address the UFO phenomenon, something not really being done nowadays.

(We have the paper, but since its copyrighted, I can't offer it up here, but I do thank Bernard Thouanel, who was integral to the SIGN proceedings and gave me permission to show his photograph of the group.)


UFO in 1971 NASA film of Moon mission?