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Thursday, December 25, 2014

An Odd But Interesting UFO Contact Story

While reading an archive blotch, I found this tidbit in an internet-capture:

Australian Centre for UFO Studies

Issue # 3, June 2005

Editor : Sheryl Gottschall

"The Contact Story of the Dworshak Brothers As reported at the Ozark 2004 UFO conference, Timothy Good tells the contact story of Leo and Mike Dworshak that began in 1932 while living in North Dakota. Initially they saw a huge round silvery UFO with many coloured lights land in a valley near their home. These UFOs had very human looking occupants who the boys eventually communicated with over time. These ETs told the boys they had travelled to Earth for over 5000 years and were from a place far beyond our own by millions of years in time. Thus began an incredible story of ET contact, telepathic communication, ET control of time and space and their reasons for visiting planet Earth."

One of the boys wrote, later in life [2003] a book about the encounter(s) which can be found here:

Note how readers of the book accept the account(s) as rendered by Leo Dworshak.

Do we have a UFO tale that is real or an accumulated fantasy?

You decide.


Fringe Science and the 1964 Socorro UFO Sighting

Certain UFO "researchers" discount the balloon and/or hoax explanation for Police Officer Lonnie Zamora's eye-witness account of a UFO in Socorro, New Mexico, in April 1964.

One of the factors in the dismissal is the "fact" that Officer Zamora's object (or craft) flew against the wind and thus could not be a balloon.

But this experiment from a paper on Fringe Science by Cornelis de Jager [1989] shows how that assumption by the balloon/hoax dismissers may be flawed:
The whole paper (a PDF), which we've included here before, can be accessed by clicking HERE.