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Friday, January 23, 2015

Will ETI Be Space Explorers? Some Cultural Considerations by Michael Ashkenazi

This 1995 paper can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Ashkenazi provides arguments for and against SETI and the possibility (or not) of ET space travel.

Referenced is David Brin’s The Great Silence an extrapolation of Fermi’s paradox.

Those who wish to see more about David Brin’s thesis, and read his paper, have these web-sites:

And here are David Brin’s web page musings on his paper and science topics:



  • The nexus of the paper as a study of evolutionary pathways lodged between technological capabilities and consciousness as it affects behaviorism is well done.
    In terms of the latter, I would guess as a suspicion that by comparison to advanced consciousness, ours is nascent.
    In terms of technology, I suspect that our natural environment could be remotely surveyed and assessed by instrumentation without having to physically land inasmuch as our own data banks might not be immune from distant interception as well.
    Our technological evolution which vies for natural resources would be self evident.
    I would think our level of self awareness is another matter inasmuch as while our behaviorisms are also self evident, it might be interesting for them in neurological, anthropological terms etc to probe our state in order to assess it’s drivers which may or may not be unique.
    Either way, I would suspect curiosity among sentient creatures would be a given as I don’t believe in any sort of omniscient embodied state of knowledge as a state of evolution in any form always relies on analysing comparative relationships.
    If there was an ET and if it visited our realm, I would suspect our state of “being” would be of interest and could only be determined by probing it by proxy by moving the markers and assess our wherewithal by our own reactive psychologies to discern what or whom moved them.
    Or perhaps, not at all.
    You don’t want to contaminate the results so you do it by proxy, by providing a series of stimulation's.
    Are we in a lab?
    Are we the subject of an arm’s length field study?
    Thats my conjecture of the day by way of the imagination which does not constitute a belief in it.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, January 23, 2015  

  • Rich, thanks for the links. Interesting reads...I've read the first two...will look in-depth at the rest.

    It does raise a good question: "Would an advanced civilization give a damn about space exploration?

    Especially if they are attempting to hold on to whatever foothold that they have on their planet, ie, natural resources.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Friday, January 23, 2015  

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