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Friday, February 06, 2015

I'm not interested, but you might be: the Kodak slides body

This is a video-capture (enhanced?) of the body pictured in the Kodachrome slides (provided by Ross Evans):
David Rudiak refers to the placard over at Kevin Randle's blog.

And the slides being worked on:
(Place your mouse over the image and click to see a larger image)

This image belies what I and Nick Redfern were told way back when: Bernerd Ray stumbled upon the Roswell incident (with his geology team) and snapped, surreptitiously, a photo of the body (which was partially covered (the genital area) by an army blanket.

This is an exhibit.

But you make you own evaluation, as I don't want to give ammunition to those who deride my posting of anything about the slides while they fill their blogs and sites with all the slide stuff they can gather.



  • This video...


    Shows that this is all about ego and money. All the loose talk from the slides conspirators about wanting things done right, and this odious carnival of disingenuous pabulum is what we get.


    By Blogger Ross, at Friday, February 06, 2015  

  • You can see in the second image the computer screen has had a blur mask applied to obscure what is shows.

    By Blogger Ross, at Friday, February 06, 2015  

  • Ross, the blur is there yes, but you can still see it is on some kind of display shelving. Which would indicated it is some kind of exhibit.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Friday, February 06, 2015  

  • I know this is pointless to ask- but why hide this from the world? Why continue to hide this? We are actively and publicly searching for life on other planets. Why keep this a secret?

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Friday, February 06, 2015  

  • Daniel,

    It is being hidden because if it is revealed before the big event there is no chance of making the big score that is hope for. That 10,000 seater stadium in Mexico has not been hired with the intention of it sitting empty. Some of the tickets for this event are eye-wateringly expensive.

    By Blogger Ross, at Saturday, February 07, 2015  

  • Ross,
    I agree. I didn't realize that was what you were trying to point out. I'm extremely upset that this is the route they chose. Maussan is a character who preys on the gullible. The sole purpose is to make money. This is not the way the slides should have been released.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Saturday, February 07, 2015  

  • In reply to Ross & Daniel, I agree its all about the money, Carey & Schmitt have been backed into a corner now and so its make or break for them. They know their reputations are on the line! This is it for them so its a case of make as much as we can with all the hype then get the f**K out of there.

    The slides are going to prove nothing at all and they know it but they are so far involved now there's no turning back.

    By Blogger ufo research network, at Saturday, February 07, 2015  

  • UFO research,
    I don't know if that will cut it for me. How are they in too deep? Because they spent their own money and now they need to make it back? How about integrity? The slides are of interest, but not of value unless there is something to corroborate them. I respect Schmitt and Carey, and their quest for the truth, but I'm afraid this reveal fiasco is a hit on their integrity. Maussan was chosen because of his fan base of gullible believers. And that bothers me.

    By Blogger Daniel Hurd, at Saturday, February 07, 2015  

  • Daniel,

    I feel they have put so much into this that its not just their integrity but also the pocket and their reputations on the line.

    So much hype has been made of these slides and people are expecting something out this world. But that wont happen.

    Getting Maussan involved bothers me too, as it does not look good for them given his track record.

    By Blogger ufo research network, at Saturday, February 07, 2015  

  • If u ask me, you need to be very stupid to pay alot of money to see some pic's and a old story

    By Blogger Hamilton dos Santos, at Saturday, February 07, 2015  

  • I cannot help but but notice the old "dress the set" approach I was taught in film school by Ed Hugetz when filming/creating a 'documentary', in this case the "serious researcher white gloves".

    Very 1960s "The Outer Limits", right, Adam?

    By Blogger Loki, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • This is going to be the autopsy fiasco all over again.

    By Blogger Red Eye View, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

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