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Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Kodak Slides: “Wait and See”?

Anthony Bragalia and a few others, such as Tim Hebert, insist we should all “wait and see” what happens with the Kodachrome Roswell/alien slides presentation, May 5th of this year.

It seems many of us can’t do that – not me, not Kevin Randle, not David Rudiak, not Lance Moody, not a lot of us.

We seem inclined to work over the material that has leaked and been seen by more people than Mr. Bragalia and his Team indicated the past year or so.

A gaggle of people have had access to the slides or information about them.

Those of us out of the loop have been required to piece together snippets of info and gossip, while the less adventurous among UFO buffs plead for us to “wait and see.”

This has always been a problem with “ufology”: there are those who want to be seen as keepers of the keys (communicants privy to UFO materials that the rest of us peons can’t see, until they okay the release of what they have already mucked over among themselves).

The slides circus has undermined a “wait and see” position, as so much twaddle has been presented the past two weeks that a “wait and see” attitude is ludicrous.

UFO buffs have a right and an obligation to get at the truth of the matter now; truth is not a “wait and see” thing, as I noted for Tim Hebert.

“Wait and see” is for suckers.

If we can “prove” the efficacy of the slides now or their falsity, we are purposed to do so.

Truth is not to be delayed or denied, and I assume Paul Kimball and others would agree.

The slides imbroglio is secondary to the UFO phenomenon, but it is integral to Roswell, one way or another it seems.

And Roswell is the linch-pin of ufology, and has been for a long time, as silly as that is among skeptics and real UFO aficionados.

So, don’t proffer a “wait and see” attitude upon us, UFO procrastinators.

We want answers now, not later – and just because some of you have had access to the slides and their supposed forensics, don’t try to keep the rest of us in the dark.

Truth waits for no man.



  • "...as so much twaddle has been presented the past two weeks..."

    The twaddle talked about in the last 12 months or so (never mind 2 weeks) is from people such as Don Schmitt, Tom Carey, Tony Bragalia and Jaime Maussan.

    The slides will "change the course of history", so we hear.

    The slides will change absolutely zilch. The search for extraterrestrial life will continue for decades, maybe centuries, yet.

    By Blogger cda, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • "We seem inclined to work over the material that has leaked and been seen by more people than Mr. Bragalia and his Team indicated the past year or so."

    I think, that is the correct attitude.
    Imho The Alien Autopsy footage could have been exposed much earlier as a hoax if people would have checked the tent movie (which was a somehting like a failed betatest) and the inconsistency of Santilis claim before the Autopsy footage was shown.
    ( Not that I think that the slides are a hoax like the alien autopsy footage)

    By Blogger Zak McKracken, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • Maybe the "Roswell Dreamteam" bought an old camera from 1947 - 1949 with a packaged and unused camerafilm and then they faked the Roswell Slides...my opion.

    I hope my english is correctly because i am from germany and my english isnt very good.

    By Blogger Michael Mu, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • Notice how the major news outlet's seem don't seem very enthusiastic about covering this story. Zero mention of it on CNN, Fox News, or AOL. They've been bitten by this kind of thing before, and you can't blame them for being more than a little shy when it comes to mentioning it.

    By Blogger CommanderCronus, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • CC:

    I contacted my media friends at CNN and newspapers when Mr. Bragalia presented some info about the slides.

    They all passed, some noting Tom Carey and Don Schmitt as involved, those two causing some iffyness, but most eschewing the topic as it had a Roswell smell to it.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • In the tease videos for the slide album release party, Tom Carey states the the head is separated from the body.

    This is very disturbing from an evidence stance, and not all that different from the classic Brontosaurus Hoax:

    "The two burned through money, and were as much fame-hungry trailblazers as scientists.

    It was in the heat of this competition, in 1877, that Marsh discovered the partial skeleton of a long-necked, long-tailed, leaf-eating dinosaur he dubbed Apatosaurus. It was missing a skull, so in 1883 when Marsh published a reconstruction of his Apatosaurus, Lamanna says he used the head of another dinosaur — thought to be a Camarasaurus — to complete the skeleton."


    All this took place during the "Bone Wars" over a century ago. (look it up)

    Now we have the "Roswell Wars" running for the last 25 years.

    Sadly, Carey who at one point was training for a PhD in Anthropology should certainly know better.

    Or maybe he does?

    By Blogger Loki, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • Why wait?

    For the Dream Team (and don't exempt Randle here: he's up to his neck in it, despite his protestations that he's just been a bystander)? Simple - to gin up the PR machine and build a buzz. As a media industry guy, I get it. I just wish they weren't so ham-fisted and disingenous about it. It's embarrassing. But that's also part of the appeal for me (see below).

    As for the skeptics, they can afford to be polite and "wait and see"... and then laugh and laugh.

    Only a few of us really care about it now, and in my case it isn't the slides I care about, because whether they are a hoax or mistaken identification (and I would bet it's the former), I know they don't show space aliens. So does anyone with a functional brain. What interests / amuses me is the story behind the non-story, namely the ufologists and their petty machinations. From this perspective, the addition of the huckster Maussan is perfect!

    I'm between projects, so I have free time. Bring it on, I say!!


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • The slides show nothing more than the remains of a child that suffered from hydrocephalus. Wake up.

    By Blogger Derek Fraser, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • 'And Roswell is the linch-pin of ufology, and has been for a long time, as silly as that is among skeptics and real UFO aficionados.'

    Ye Gads! I was about to bitch and moan about the 'linch-pin' comment and realised that you're probably right.

    Roswell in popular ufology is like Muhammad Ali is to popular boxing - everyone can have an opinion and join in.

    Area 51 might just squeeze out Roswell in current popularity, but both topics revolve around myths of captured alien critters and their radar-prone flying machines.

    If 'Boyd Bushman' can go viral, the slide/s should create, at least, a similar stir. Especially when Maussan's media resources have brought in the big guns of dramatic music and video jump-cuts.

    I'm almost teary-eyed with nostalgia for the 'sky-dragons' presentation with pan-pipes and strings of balloons/alien entities.

    'Wait and see' won't be part of the game as the two month build-up is sure to include weekly teasers and a PR campaign.

    By Blogger Kandinsky, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • I think Roswell is on its last legs, which is why the show wound up in Mexico in much the same way evangelicals started mining Latin America once they entered decline in an increasingly secular West. If there is a dominant cultural meme about UFOs now, it's a mix of ancient aliens type stuff, which takes us back to the pre-Roswell days of Van Daniken, and hard-line anti-government conspiracist that looks at Roswell as an embarrassment.


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • Right now it's just a marketing campaign to spur demand to see the slides and whatever Bragalia et al think passes for confirming evidence.

    Even if the slides themselves can be proven to be authentic (meaning they were shot in the late 40's) there's not enough there to actually prove anything other than the fact that someone took a photo of what appears to be an interesting corpse.

    By Blogger Capt Steve, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • You can wait of the release?

    You want to see the photo...now?

    Here is it...release by me...world exclusive!

    Link to photo: http://de.tinypic.com/r/2rm5mvo/8

    By Blogger Michael Mu, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • Thanks Michael...

    The best image so far.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • I told a fellow skeptic that my heart wasn't in it anymore to bash this thing. It is, from all appearances this far, so bad that it's like kicking a puppy.


    By Blogger Lance, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • I wonder if Neil DeGrasse Tyson knows he's been dragged into this? I wonder if Dew secured a proper release form from Tyson before including him in his documentary trailer?

    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

  • Mexican and south Americans take this in the same vain as pulp fiction entertainment. They do not care whether there was a coverup somewhere..they don't form exoplitical pressure groups demanding the truth..They know all governments lie. If you see the razzle dazzle in wrestling than you understand what I mean.Everybody nows its fae but some cant live without it.
    They have fun with these like Chupacabras...and we should too. If something real comes along..they are not surprised. Its only some of us that get manic depressive everytime a hoax is exposed.
    They are Killing Ufology..Ufology is dead!!
    They said that years ago..its still here and a never ending supply of sightings and attendant hopium as well.
    Want real hoaxes? check out the latest unemployment reports, climate warming and the guys in empty suits like Brian Williams on NBC
    Up until exposure he was the real deal too.

    That said..have a happy Cinco de Mayo and hope this version of PT Barnums Egress is better than the last. At least have fun.

    By Blogger manuel, at Sunday, February 08, 2015  

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