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Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Non-Alien Autopsy

Frederick Ruysch, and his son, on the right, holding a fetal skeleton. Ruysch was more concerned with anatomy (and preservation of specimens) than pathology, but during his age (late 17th-early 18th century), both anatomists and pathologists were critical in our advances in knowledge of how the human body functions.


One can see how the noted fetal skeleton might be seen as an alien skeleton: large head, small body, and small appendages. One has to be careful with interpretation(s):


  • In every situation that periodically pops up as an adjunct to the Roswell story, there is an unspoken desire that this development or another one will lead to a zero sum game, and when that fails to occur as a definitive resolution, another layer is added to the mountain of proverbial rubble of addictive toxins posing as a balm for ennui.
    It's been said before but this too shall pass but the inherited scars have proved to be indelible.
    It’s interesting to me at this point how exobiology in the form of rumors of extraterrestrial corpses serving as reliquaries managed to become a film noir full of hidden motives, shadow figures, and cash exchanged in a proverbial back alley. The sacred and the profane as an admixture worthy of The Maltese Falcon.
    Raymond Chandler would say there’s no crime without a corpse and Samuel Beckett would say that small detail is beside the point. The religious minded and the atheists remained glued to the side of the road paved by irony.
    The question in this game and a game it is….is a matter of evangelical fervor on either side of the fence. Whose hearts and minds represent the payoff? There will be no winners and no losers, only more rubble to add to the pile already overflowing in the dumpster of misbegotten desires.
    Its just the way it is when it comes to the trade in religious reliquaries whether it’s the finger of Saint Bernard or some woebegone would be savior of dreams in the form of ET.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Sunday, March 29, 2015  

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