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Friday, March 06, 2015

Nick Redfern's sensible take on the so-called Roswell alien slides



  • Thank you, RR-

    Redfern's conclusions are a breath of fresh air after the intestinal gas that calls itself "AJB"!

    By Blogger Loki, at Friday, March 06, 2015  

  • KOB-TV in New Mexico reports on the slides, with news from the UFO Museum in Roswell:

    "The museum says there will be a presentation on the pictures in Roswell during the UFO festival in July."


    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Friday, March 06, 2015  

  • Maybe instead of partnering with the Roswell museum the Mexico organisers should involve the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia and the Siriraj Medical Museum in Bangkok, which seem to have much more experience with preserved human remains.

    By Blogger Kristofer, at Saturday, March 07, 2015  

  • I think the only ones who have any interest in refuting the claims of the slides are those who have already been involved in the subject either following it's eternal debate or have pursued a more active participation.

    The general public will most likely not bother with the many holes in the story line, or bother to determine what if any holes there are, and I doubt that outside of some propagandist documentary on a "history" or other cable channel, no network will bother with checking the story's veracity as it sells air time. It will take on a life of it's own...

    As for those who have looked into this more deeply, I think the shoddiness of the whole enterprise needs no further outing.
    I agree with Nick that this case is pretty well closed, over and done with.

    These two audiences ( the general public and those involved in the subject) will remain on separate and parallel courses.

    This is safe to say when looking at the past and present coverage of the media, they have never had a serious debunking of the Roswell myth as to it's errors, etc...and probably never will. It doesn't sell toothpaste whereas ginning up the matter does.

    Should a major revelation take place in regard to a "complete" debunking, the whole thing will simply evaporate....until the next time and I think it's safe to say there will be a next time.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Saturday, March 07, 2015  

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