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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Some alien (extraterrestrial?) photos from Massimo Polidoro



  • Yeh, sceptics are really too doubtful, aren't they?
    We're too suspicious of even the good, conclusive evidence of alien visitations, aren't we?
    We've got some nerve, being so doubtful, haven't we?

    By Blogger Woody, at Sunday, March 08, 2015  

  • Seems like you're trying to convince yourself of something there, Woody.

    I've never seen 'sceptics' accused of having 'some nerve'.

    If anything, they are generally lacking in it, though some are potentially dangerous.

    The people you refer to as 'sceptics' are people who have not had the experiences.

    They are too lacking in humility to grasp the basic difference that having the experience makes to your awareness.

    Hence, in their conceited cynicism, they are fixated only on evidence.

    By Blogger Daniel Transit, at Sunday, March 08, 2015  

  • Daniel - It was utter sarcasm.
    I've seen strange, unexplainable things, including things in the sky that I still have no explanation for. I don't see what humility has to do with it either. Although maybe that word belongs in that I am happy to admit that I don't know and happy to not leap to explanations that mirror popular myths and baseless assumptions.
    Having the experience is great, knowing humanity's penchant for bias and fallacy and amazement is also great, leading to more level-headed consideration of the facts and what we may reasonably draw from them.
    Witness reports are a form of evidence. Hell, even belated, second-hand witnesses are a form of evidence, just not adding as much weight to an investigation of a supposed event as other forms of evidence would.
    Having said that, I think that our conclusions about something that we are investigating should be based only on the evidence.
    Allowing anything else subject to our biases and desires corrupts a conclusion, and makes the whole investigation invalid and unnecessary.


    By Blogger Woody, at Monday, March 09, 2015  

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