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Sunday, March 01, 2015

The Invisible Collage [sic]

By Milo-Campus [http://www.deviantart.com/morelikethis/286565096]

While struggling through Jacques Barzun’s chapter The Invisible College [Page 191 ff.] in his From Dawn to Decadence (1500 to the Present): 500 Years of Western Cultural Life [HarperCollins, NY, 2000], which was a discursive, anecdotal account of 16th and 17th Century scientists and thinkers, with only a brief mention of the first Invisible College that became London’s Royal Society, I realized that the team of Roswell investigators responsible for the Kodachrome slides imbroglio were a kind of “invisible college” or, as I see it, an invisible collage of persons seeking to find out what the meaning and import is of a few Kodak slides showing the odd image of a humanoid-like being.

The college or collage of persons have the earmarks of a group regimented to pursue, research-like, what they found in their ongoing pursuit of the Roswell mythos.

In the interregnum between the discovery of the slides and an explanatory event scheduled for May 5th of 2015, this collage of individuals has accrued a raft of informal members who also want to be part of the anticipated extraterrestrial presence the collage sees in the body photographed allegedly in 1947, and thought by them to be proof of the alleged Roswell flying disk crash with recovered alien bodies.

These extra members of the collage are made up of non-believers (skeptics) and die-hard believers in the Roswell mythos.

The collage has become a maelstrom of argumentative individuals, not unlike those in the first “invisible colleges” but very much unlike those in Jacques Vallee’s invisible college or the academics I find habituating our private UFO web-site.

The discordant collage members are often barbaric in their responses to the collage’s initial members and each other; that is, they tear and rend statements and opinions by everyone who presumes to get immersed in the slides debate.

Barzun, in his book, allows for such barbarism by true intellectuals, as that often foments advancement in science and thought, whereas in the collage setting such barbarism foments a nasty, vile, toxic atmosphere that has killed, in the past, and is doing so again, as to what UFOs are or what really happened in Roswell in 1947.

For me, the slides are a novelty, with attendant elements that intrigue.

The fervid disputes also bring to mind the rabid disputes within psychiatry and psychology during the psychoanalytic heyday, or the fevered accounts between Fred Hoyle and The Big Bang theorists.

But the slides brouhaha is nastier because it houses persons who lack dignity and intellectual decorum, on both sides of the argumentative equation.

But as one renown French skeptic has it, “That’s Ufology!”



  • My perspective is that the impact of this is directly proportional inversely to the ballyhoo being drummed over a couple of slides. It says more about our culture than it does about "little green men". If it weren't for the shearing off of dollars from the sheep, it's just another traveling circus passing through town and the day after...life will remain lodged between Samuel Beckett and Buster Keaton and a good cup of coffee will remain so.I think that aside from being a sleight of hand of inferences to cull cash, it's nailing the coffin shut after it's already been sealed by various acting out of lunacies as high drama out of a sensibility of existential angst. At times I am irritated by it and other times I think let the dead bury the dead...in the meantime, I still have to brush my teeth and other redundant and repetitious errands..no show stoppers in daily life such that it is.....and isn't.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, March 02, 2015  

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