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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A new Roswell slides piece by Nick Redfern



  • The crypto-terrestrial hypothesis fascinates, but I fail to see the "UFO" angle -- what would underground creatures know of flying machines and aeronautics (including balloons)? And for what possible use? Unless they flit around subterranean wind currents on bat-wing membranes for kicks. For transportation from point A to B, tunnel transit makes more sense, not to mention it's stealthier than any flying machine.

    Sorry, I just can't think out of the cave/box on this one.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, April 21, 2015  

  • The story told to Walter Bosley by his father was probably only an early hypothesis proposed by the guys in charge of studying the bodies and debris, who must have been desperately looking for answers to the strange bodies found at Roswell.

    The theory of an ancient, underground, non-human civilization seems to me like a fantasy of a teenager (Sorry Nick).

    The good part of this is that we have clues coming from various testimonies about creatures that resemble insects. That is a consistent trend, which has the smell of reality.

    By Blogger Don Maor, at Tuesday, April 21, 2015  

  • For what possible use? Maybe for the same reason humans travel underwater in submarines -because it's the only way they can travel and survive in that particular environment. Maybe ultraviolet light kills them: in that case, they might need a vehicle when they go above-ground...preferably something highly reflective.

    A bigger question is: do such worlds exist below the surface of the earth, especially in the region of the American Southwest? If such a place were discovered in the 1940's, I assume the government would seek out the advice and technical capabilities of an expert - a person who'd be familiar with the geology and mining operations of the region. That person would have been Bernard Ray.

    Of course it's hard to prove any of this, but I really like Nick Redfern's concept of an underground race of humanoids being the origin of the Roswell legend. There's enough here for a new book, I think. He seems to know how to keep the Roswell subject interesting, and also fun.

    By Blogger CommanderCronus, at Tuesday, April 21, 2015  

  • Why leave the protective cocoon of their underground environment at all when traveling? That way their sojourns above ground are limited, and escape routes close by. I will resist further speculation. :)

    I would ask Nick if UFO sightings have ever been correlated to the extensive system of caves and tunnels under the continental U.S., or anywhere else on earth for that matter. The Southwestern U.S. certainly is pock-marked with them. The Southeast, also. As well as France, Spain, probably almost everywhere you go.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, April 21, 2015  

  • Guys, it's important to note that the "underground/caves" angle for Roswell is just a theory, a hypothesis, and - right now - nothing more. I definitely think it's a theory worth addressing, but that's all it is.

    Don, as for the comment about Walter Bosley, it's worth speaking to Walter personally about all this (as I have done), as it's a very detailed story, with lots of data and leads that can be followed up on. He wrote an article on this for Fate Magazine some years ago.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Wednesday, April 22, 2015  

  • Don't take the "subterranean" part so literally. Tonnies' hypothesis is simply that a separate hominid species living cryptically on the margins of our own (and leading us to believe they were subterranean or, in our day, extraterrestrial) could explain a LOT of things the ETH can't. Nick's article is great, and I'm so glad he's taking seriously Tonnies' fascinating idea.


    By Blogger Eric Wargo, at Wednesday, April 22, 2015  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, April 23, 2015  

  • I must admit that what little I had heard of the Roswell slides was from the ET hypothesis camp, so I made the mistake of assuming these slides -- which remain in the questionable column, for me -- were being presented to further the ET hypothesis. But earlier today, Stephen Mykles Lewis brought to my attention that the Ant People theory was being associated with the slide images and it surprised me. That's when I discovered that Tonnies' coverage of my dad's story to me was being linked in several threads/sites. Yeah, I feel dumb for being completely unaware of this reference until today, I just honestly had not been aware of it.
    As regards my dad's story, he was briefed on Roswell in 1957 and was then sent to Arizona because it had happened again. According to his story, this was more than an early theory to explain what happened at Roswell. The account is published in FATE's The Best Of Roswell book, under my pseudonym E A Guest because at the time I was still working under a security clearance.
    My understanding of the people down there is that they do indeed possess technology capable of the event(s) and exist in spite of our knowledge of the Earth. It's my dad's account, not mine.
    Though I question the validity of what the slides depict, as presented, I am glad to see something other than the ET hypothesis being considered and offered as a possible explanation for Roswell.

    By Blogger Walter Bosley, at Wednesday, May 06, 2015  

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