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Thursday, April 16, 2015

An erudite and terrific site, about fringe things

I've mentioned Eric Wargo's interesting site a few times earlier here.

The Anomalist often cites his site as one of best reads about paranormal items extant.

But it is more than that. Mr. Wargo provides brilliant ruminations and thought about UFOs and things somewhat related.

Those of you who pretend to be intellectual should visit often and make relevant comments, if you think you're smart enough to do so.

If you want insight(s) and intelligent material that is unique and above the dross we often find online, even here at this blog, then take a look/read:




  • Its a terrific set of intelligent and well organised ruminations with a great deal of background information.
    I found this site today and then read your review later this afternoon. Another in a series of "coincidences" to be sure that seems to more active these days.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, April 16, 2015  

  • My great intelligence comes and goes, it came more regularly in the past, just like UFO flaps did.

    All the best,

    By Blogger Woody, at Friday, April 17, 2015  

  • Thanks for posting the link. I stumbled onto his site last year and enjoyed reading his comments.

    With the name being so unrelated to the subject, and the subjects being so saturated upon the net, I couldn't find the place again.

    He walks a less-trodden path and how many people do that these days?

    By Blogger Kandinsky, at Sunday, April 19, 2015  

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