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Thursday, April 16, 2015

God is dead….so we need extraterrestrials (and those slides)?

After World War II, and the aftermath of the Holocaust, there was a cultural realization that God wasn’t about to help his chosen people (The Jews) nor anyone else.

This brought about an undertow of thought that maybe intervention from outside the Earth could bring about salvation for mankind.

The  early adopters of the subliminal thought were sci-fi writers and flying saucer fanatics; that is, flying saucers became the panacea for Earth’s ills.

If God wasn’t going to intervene in human affairs, maybe an ET presence would do so, to help mankind.

Yes, some flying saucer believers and sci-fi writers/film-makers thought that ETs might be as disinterested or evil as God, but generally the thought was that ET’s might bring peace and cures for humanity.

That thought process was rife from the late 1940s into the late 1960s, and then common sense took over. 

UFOs became, for most, a phenomenon as distant as God, but there persists a remnant of core believers in the “ETs will save us, if God won’t” meme.

Today those believers have settled on those Roswell/alien slides as proof of an ET presence and the idea that if ETs exist, humanity will be saved by them and their supposed advanced technologies, medicines, and cultural know-how.

Sure, some of those promoting the slides as an ET proof are doing so to salvage their tattered legacies and UFO reputations, but some are also hanging on to the belief that the slides are evidence of an ET reality and that reality may be able to bring humans relief from a world gone mad.

Slide skeptics are composed of those who know God is dead and ETs are a fantasy for those who are looking for new gods.

But some of us know, in our heart of hearts, that not only is God dead, but alien beings are a figment of a neurotic need to see help on the horizon of a dying mankind, as noted by Freud in Civilization and its Discontents.



  • As someone long long ago as a kid I had the same sublimated desire for living Gods versus the dry and rote repetitions I had to memorise about my parent’s religion. Its still entertaining as strictly a unworkable fantasy in regard to ET. I bear no ill will toward those who find comfort in this as a port in a storm. In this regard it reminds me of a lyric off Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde”
    “Me? I never asked for much
    I never asked for your crutch
    So dont ask for mine”
    Despite popular opinion, I am lodged between yearning for simple answers and the undeniable complexities that overwhelm them. There is the nostalgic part of me involved in historic preservation, restoration of antiques and clockworks and the other a contrarian to the ordinary determined to look inside the projector booth. Some can settle for simple desires, some can’t.
    However when fantasies become erstwhile facts, something is amiss...from my point of view.
    I just read in Fortean Times, that for the first time in a millenium, a temple to the Norse Gods is being built in Norway. The current adherents to this mythology look at their “religion” as strictly a metaphor, not to be taken literally. The same could be said for ET as a metaphor…..the difference is a lack of discernment.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, April 16, 2015  

  • Imagine, a person gains entrance into a visiting alien spacecraft, much as a moth or some-such is sucked into a slightly opened car window.
    The human gets in (the door was open).
    Before long an alien voice comes over the craft's PA,
    "Who let the monkeys onboard?!"

    By Blogger Woody, at Friday, April 17, 2015  

  • Woody:

    That's the worst premise for a sci-fi story I've ever read.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, April 17, 2015  

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