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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Jose Caravaca provides, in a new article, the Roswell slides questions we are all asking. [In Spanish]


Translatable by Google; my cell phone translated it automatically.



  • Hello,

    José made/wrote an interesting article imho! GG, Gratz!

    My question(s) are the following:

    1) How did Dew's team to know there were slide #9 and #11 and #10 missing, without opening the TWO mounts of the 2 slides, despite claiming to have opened only one of the two, after Kevin Randle asked Dew?... How they proceeded to have such a conclusion there are #9 and #11 slides, "from a very same roll"?

    2) Adam Dew: please, provide us/me the mount of the "Paris slide"... It didn't depict something extraordinary, so no risk to provide my/our team the mount! ^^

    3) I heard there were slides labelled 8 and 12 by this strange team ? Right or wrong? If right, why to make it public in order our team or any other make investigations? What is the risk if you are an agnostic, Dew?

    I would understand the "no response", Gilles is a debunker, etc.... but be sure after May the 5th, it would be more questions, not by me, but issued by fans...



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Friday, April 03, 2015  

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