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Friday, April 03, 2015

Jose Caravca provides a conversation with Jaime Maussan



  • He just summed up the entire conference. They can't prove the Rays took the photos or owned them, the slides date is around the time of roswell and the Rays lived in Texas so it fits and Mexican experts say the being doesn't look like a mummy

    It's just another Dr Greer and Sirius moment

    By Blogger Stephen Jackson, at Friday, April 03, 2015  

  • Hello,

    Only to point to a minor add-on regarding "my" French article devoted on the "Roswell Slides Saga: Some Claims versus some Facts".

    Probably do you remember that Adam Dew stated in an interview that the "Roswell slides" term was coined by the net and that he never called them "the Roswell Slides" himself.
    But what is appearing if you take a close look regarding his site?





    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Saturday, April 04, 2015  

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