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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Roswell Slides Dating from and by Jose Antonio Caravaca

One of the principal arguments has been put forward to defend the authenticity of the famous Roswell slides is their age, and specifically its correspondence with the last years of the Forties, between 1947 and 1949. Both Anthony Bragalia ufologist, and more recently Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan have argued that different analysis of the slides confirm they are old and have not suffered any recent manipulation. But how was it determined that the Roswell slides were taken between 1947 and 1949?

Their arguments are based on some very unproven premises and assumptions. The cardboard sleeves used to protect its Kodachrome slides were manufactured between 1939 and 1959, until they were replaced by those made of plastic. However the specific sleeves containing these Roswell slides belong to the first generation of this type of housing that was only manufactured between 1941 and 1949. Therefore, Bragalia and his colleagues came to the conclusion, focusing on his obsession with Roswell Incident, that the most date for the slides to be taken was between 1947 and 1949, ruling out other possible dates. But it should be noted that this dating completely lacks any scientific support in the form of analysis. And although the Kodak company ceased production of the aforementioned type of cardboard sleeves in 1949, it does not mean that in any camera store in the United States stopped using them. They would have continued until their inventory of them was exhausted, the switched to the new Kodak sleeves. Therefore, the evidence surrounding the dating of the slides is circumstantial and supported only by refutable arguments, because following the premises of the researchers involved, we could not rule out, so lightly, the years before 1947. But obviously an earlier date ... even January or May 1947, would mean that it could not be a Roswell alien... and that would ruin the expectations of Maussan and his colleagues ...



  • I would take this one step further and state that to date no such alleged analysis has been made available for scrutiny in advance of the circus coming to town. And why is that so?
    I would think that if this alleged analysis by several parties proved anything they would use this as bait to heighten the draw of legitimacy and boost their profit margins for the reveal of the images.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Sunday, April 19, 2015  

  • JAC:

    The very essence of the argument in favor of the slides being an ET is not the possible 1947 date but the almost exact resemblance of the being depicted in the slides to the being(s) as reported by all those Roswell witnesses, whether military or civilian.

    Goddammit, all these witnesses can't be wrong, can they? If even one of them is right, that's it. Case proven.

    If you doubt me, ask AJB.

    By Blogger cda, at Sunday, April 19, 2015  

  • Mr. Bragalia replies (to me):

    Let him know I find his reasoning very weak. And it flies in the face of two renowned photo scientists-

    1)The film is manufacture coded (edge code dated) as 1927, 1947, or 1967

    2)The protective lacquer used on the film was used from the 1930s to 1967, eliminating 1927

    3)The cardboard sleeve used is 1941-1949, eliminating the year 1967 and leaving 1949 as the latest date that the film was exposed

    4)Given these data points- 1947 must indeed be the date!!!!

    5)The other slides found within the chest with the slides are also from the mid-‘40s to the early ‘50s

    Sorry Jose!


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, April 19, 2015  

  • Who are the two renowned "photo scientists"?

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Sunday, April 19, 2015  

  • The plot thickens...


    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Sunday, April 19, 2015  

  • Bruce:

    The reason the photo scientists are "renowned" is because they are anonymous. If their names were made public we would see that they are not renowned after all. Simple isn't it?

    By Blogger cda, at Sunday, April 19, 2015  

  • They missed an important explanation. Point 3 is fair enough but how did they suddenly narrow the year right down to 1947 in point 4 if they just said it has to be between 1941 and 1949?

    By Blogger Stephen Jackson, at Sunday, April 19, 2015  

  • Stephen-

    Because the edge code dating (manufacture coding) is 1947.

    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Sunday, April 19, 2015  

  • Tony, does the date 1947 show exclusively that the photographs were taken in 1947?

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Sunday, April 19, 2015  

  • Hello Tony,

    You wrote: 5)The other slides found within the chest with the slides are also from the mid-‘40s to the early ‘50s

    I understand you dont read French (even if a translator tool available in my blog) but :
    Source: http://skepticversustheflyingsaucers.blogspot.fr/2015/03/the-roswell-slides-saga-claims-versus.html

    Well, there would be several things to say regarding your "edge code" claim, but later.



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Wednesday, April 22, 2015  

  • > if this alleged analysis by several parties proved anything they would use this as bait to heighten the draw of legitimacy

    A very good point, Bruce. However, that the sliders haven't done this smart thing only proves that the sliders are not smart; it does not prove the 1947 dating has not been confirmed (at least to the satisfaction of the sliders).

    Of course, your point is consistent with the sliders doing the big reveal on a stage in Mexico instead of in a technical journal (or even at a UFO symposium or on some crappy cable show).

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Thursday, April 23, 2015  

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