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Thursday, April 23, 2015

TBT? (Throw Back Thursday)

An Anthony Bragalia posting from 2008 (at one of our blogs) that has been referenced several times recently:



  • for AJB:

    Here, it seems, is the REAL 'Roswell Liar":

    "The Important Lesson To Be Learned

    Beyond the question of whether Schmitt might have “doctored” some of the information contained in the two R/S books, there is an extremely important lesson to be learned from Schmitt’s actions. He has demonstrated that even a fundamentally honest person—which SUN believes Schmitt to be—may occasionally spin a tall tale. Thus, Randle and Schmitt (and others) should recognize that their star "crashed-saucer” witnesses—such as Frank J. Kaufmann, Jim Ragsdale, Ms. Frankie Rowe and former mortician Glenn Dennis—may be fundamentally honest folks who, like Schmitt, may occasionally be motivated to spin a tall tale. Because their tale involves what allegedly happened nearly half a century ago, it is all but impossible to disprove—UNLESS THEY CHANGE AND EMBELLISH THEIR TALE.

    Each can justify his/her actions on the grounds that the others have spun similar tall tales and have become celebrities who are quoted in books, interviewed by newspaper reporters, and appear on national TV shows. Their otherwise dull and drab later years have become exciting. Ego gratification can be a powerful motivator, as Schmitt has shown."


    (P.S. 'AJB' - I await your expected rebuttal of this being 'Klass skepti-bunking'... YET, the Milwaukee Magazine expose of Schmitt - an article, authored by Gillian Sender in February 1995, carried the headline: “OUT OF THIS WORLD,” with a sub-head that read: "Can a man who stretches the truth about himself be trusted to report accurately about UFOs and extraterrestrial life?”

    By Blogger Loki, at Thursday, April 23, 2015  

  • Or 'AJB', in Randle's own words:

    "I could go on, but there really is no point. We have Don Schmitt engaged in
    activities that are not honest. We have caught him in lies about his
    employment and background. I could document more but believe this is really
    enough. Now, let's look at the charges leveled by Don's assistant, Brad


    By Blogger Loki, at Thursday, April 23, 2015  

  • Text of Gillian Senders article:


    By Blogger Loki, at Thursday, April 23, 2015  

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