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Friday, May 15, 2015

First Men in the Moon: A UFO/Roswell Slides Meme?

The Turner [Movie] Channel aired, May 14th, the 1964 Sci-Fi movie The First Men in the Moon which seems to have provided images that (some) UFO abductees and one (or more) Kodachrome slides proponents of the ET explanation culled from their neurological memory banks for their alleged abduction experience or for their inclination to see an insect demeanor in the mummy image shown at the May 5th Mexico fiasco:


  • You have a very good point here, RR.

    I watched the just middle part of 'First Men' and also noticed the insect/Intruders combo look of the moon dwellers, but at the time I didn't make the meme connection.

    Carey would have been a teen when he saw 'First Men" and it may have had an effect on his already demonstratively slow and clumsy thought processes.

    Schmitt by his own words was deeply effected by John Wayne westerns; this is likely why he never misses a chance, when speaking in public to mention that he 'lives on his ranch in Wisconsin', likely no more true than any of his other pathological public claims.

    But going back to Carey, I now realize that this whole spectacular slides
    failure could have been avoided if Carey's formative scifi film had been the 1962 'Journey to the Seventh Planet'


    Had it been so, one of his Dream Team partner/employees could have told him:

    "Tom, Uranus is obviously influencing all of your Roswell 'research' decisions!'

    By Blogger Loki, at Friday, May 15, 2015  

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